LETTER- Sports doc a quack?

I once twisted an ankle stepping into a hole while retrieving an errant drive from deep woods, which proves one can get hurt playing golf, despite the Sportsdoctor's derisive and dismissive column ["Tiger trick? Could golf's greatest also be a fraud?" June 19] suggesting otherwise. 

That someone purporting to be a doctor would, on the flimsiest of evidence, label anybody's pain "a fiction" makes my ankle throb. Should I find the deep woods once again at Meadowcreek– which I surely will– and emerge hobbling, I'll make sure I don't make the mistake of visiting the Sportsdoctor for her advice. 

David K. Ronka


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Remember, the woods to the right on number 1 are red staked. Take your 1 shot penalty and take the drop, it is not worth stepping in an animal hole.