FOOD- THE DISH- Gravity's kitchen: Flat's chef takes over underground

"I love Gravity, and I want it to do well," says Lauren McRaven, who will also continue to flip crepes at The Flat.

Fans of The Flat's crêpes will soon have another location to enjoy Lauren McRaven's creations, as the chef has moved underground to head up the kitchen at Gravity Lounge.

"I love Gravity, and I want it to do well," says McRaven, who will also continue to flip crepes at The Flat.

McRaven has not set the final menu for Gravity but plans to revamp the current menu entirely– and stay away from the microwave. In addition to featuring signature sandwiches, the new menu will offer appetizers and salads.

The simple menu suits the kitchen's role as a supplement to Gravity's other functions.

"Gravity Lounge is essentially a music venue and bar– it's not somewhere you would go for a sit-down meal," McRaven says.

While McRaven has been working in the Gravity kitchen for a couple of weeks to ease the transition, the new menu will officially debut June 27 at the venue's fifth-anniversary concert.

"With the anniversary, we're hoping to set a new standard moving forward," Gravity Lounge owner Bill Baldwin says.

Baldwin sees McRaven's energy fit with Gravity as a natural. "She really gets what we're trying to do," he says.

The schedule differences between the two restaurants allow McRaven to balance both. McRaven's biggest adjustment will be to adapt to the facilities of her new kitchen. "The Gravity kitchen is a bit of a challenge," McRaven says. The venue's underground location precludes venting which prevents her from frying or using a stove.

"I'm trying to work within the confines of the kitchen and still produce interesting dishes," she says. "I like the challenge."

Despite the limitations created by the lack of a kitchen vent, McRaven looks forward to shaping her cooking to complement Gravity's wide beer selection.

Although a specific date has not been set, McRaven says she and Baldwin eventually plan to keep the Lounge's kitchen open during the day and on non-show nights. In addition, The Flat and Gravity will collaborate for Sunday brunch, serving crêpes at Gravity.

New Arch's to open this summer– we hope

Back in December we gave you a glimpse of what the new Arch's Frozen Yogurt on Emmet Street (the old Donut Connection location) will look like, thanks to a couple of cool photomontages from the architect. Now it appears those special effects are becoming a reality.

If all goes according to plan, according to the project's lead architect, Mark Humbertson, the new Arch's could be open this summer.

"They're finally putting in the glass, and the interior finishes and the kitchen equipment should be going in in the next two weeks," he says. "The contractor hopes to be finished with the work by the July 4th weekend and to turn the building over to the owners for training and preparation."

This is no ordinary building. In addition to its modern design, the two-story structure will sport a host of energy-efficient features, most notably the Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) that are being used to construct the walls and roof. The building will also include two outdoor eating balconies and ivy-covered walls. 

The modern, environmentally conscious new Arch's on Emmet could be open this summer.

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It's good to see that structural insulated panels are having a resurgence in the commercial markets for retail. With all of the new surfaces available today, SIPs are a viable "new" construction material.