LETTER- Shifflett didn't abuse his widow

What a disgrace it is that someone feels it is necessary to degrade and write slander as in the letter from Faye L. Branham published in the Hook June 12 ["What about presumed innocence?"] on the murder of Roger Shifflett.

You did not live in the home of Roger Shifflett and Barbara Shifflett, his wife at the time he was murdered. It should be pointed out to you, Ms. Branham, that you most certainly did not do your homework very well.

Please refer to June 1988 copies of the Daily Progress wherein Barbara Shifflett (Morris) said, "His memory is something I'll never get over. For right now, I'm just trying to get a normal routine going. What I remember most about my husband was his love for me and the kids. Everything he did was to make life easier for us."

She vowed to never give up hope that her husband's killer would one day be discovered. Now I ask you: Does this sound like Ms. Shifflett (Morris) was abused by Mr. Shifflett?

In your letter, you ask when it became a crime to marry a widow close to a year after her spouse was killed. I would like to point out to you that Mr. Alvin Morris is not a suspect of a crime for marrying the widow of Roger Shifflett, but was arrested on a charge for the murder of Roger Shifflett.

The family of Roger Shifflett has been very saddened at his unsolved murder for 20 long years, and is saddened by someone who writes slander.

Dorothy McAllister

The author is sister to Roger Shifflett–editor.


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Slander is spoken. Libel is written.