David W. and Patricia Simpson to 1217 A&B River Vista Avenue LLC, 1217 River Vista Avenue, no price given.

David W. and Patricia Simpson to 603 and 605 Malcolm Crescent LLC, 603 and 605 Malcolm Crescent, no price given.

David W. and Patricia Simpson to 511 North First Street, unit 612 LLC, 511 North First Street, no price given.

David W. and Patricia Simpson to 1101 A&B Grove Street LLC, 1101 A&B Grove Street, no price given.

Piedmont Hospital LLC to Janemarie D. and Donald King Jr., condominium unit in The Barringer at Monroe Lane, $619,200.


Eric C. and Constance F. Fitzwater to Keith R. Harrington and Morgan L. Taylor, 1530 Trailridge Road, $262,500.

Feiner Properties LLC to Donna F. Bingler and W. Gale Pickford, property on West Street, $150,000.

Decision One Mortgage Co. LLC to Kenneth L. and Diane D. Gillaspie, 2207 Wayne Avenue, "The Meadows," $184,900.


Hauser Homes Inc. to Gordon H. and Linda L. Marks, 828 Village Road, Cherry Hills, 4517,200.

Southern Development Group Inc. to Craig Enterprises Inc., two lots in Brookwood subdivision, $180,000.

Tenth and Market LLC to Larry J. and Kathryn B. McElwain, unit 29, building 3, The Randolph, 210 10th Street NE, $791,000.

NVR Inc. to Lisa F. and Richard M. Little, 630 Ranier Road, Cherry Hills, $425,000.

James and Kara DeFilippi to Gregory C. Kenley, 107 Lodge Creek Circle, $194,485.


Christine Piorkowski to Anne F. Hooff, 2016 Minor Road, $620,000.


AHIP Inc. to Erica A. Cooper, 304 7th Street SW, $187,350.

Southland Homes Inc. to Dennis E. and Malyss M. Standbridge, unit in Melbourne Park condominiums, 106 Melbourne Park Circle, $285,000.

Alice M. Miller to Paul A. Yates and Noelle D. Dwyer, 2505 Hillwood Place, $489,000.


Jonathan S. and Andrew M. Rockett to Andrew M. and Kathyrn S. Rockett, 908 Rosser Lane, $191,350.

Cville Properties Inc. to Jason S. Coleman and Maria A. Morshuis, 104 Chisholm Place, $429,000.

JPA Investors LLC to Martha P. Rowe, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $172,000.


NVR Inc. to Herman J. Moscoso Boedo and Maria V. Indihar, 710 Ranier Road, Cherry Hill, $423,700.

Cyndra F. Kerley to Henry B. Cannon IV, lot on Oak Street, $187,000.


Eleanor F. Smalley to Daniel R. and Laura A. Ricciardi, 1408 Gentry Lane, $282,500.


JPA Investors LLC to Mike A. and Konstadia Doufekias, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $179,900.

Laurence L. and Priscilla A. Critzer to Pasang Tsering and Ngawang Dolkar, 904 Coleman Street, $260,000.


Arthur Feiner and Marie O. Pealer to Kenneth Margolius, 519 Caroline Avenue, $194,600.

107 Carrollton LLC to John F. Matthews, 107 Carrollton Terrace, Carrollton Manor subdivision, no price given.


Woodward Building Partnership to James P. and Rebecca T. Craig Foundation, 0.115 acres in four parcels on East High Street, $1,650,000.


10th and Market LLC to Henry M. and Mary J. Peskin, condominium unit in the Randolph, 210 10th Street NE, $699,900.


Bruce J. Baber to Blakeley T. and Jennifer P. Greenhalgh and Beverley B. Byrd, 636 Park Street, $600,000.

Rivanna Collaborative LLC to Christopher S. Hays and Allison Ewing, lot 8 in River's Edge subdivision, $65,000.

Hauser Homes Inc. to Shiva S. and Emma F. Naidu, 825 Village Road, Village Place, $420,600.


Virginia V. Smith to Mark S. and Christine M. Lindsay, 1222 River Vista Avenue, $242,000.

J. Barrett Jones to Beane Stewart, 922 Morton Lane, $45,300.

Terry M. Clokey to Janis L. Beasley, 1622 Center Avenue, $258,000.

K2 Kapital LLC to Mark T. Davis and Susan M. Richards, condominium unit at 403 Valley Road, $165,000.

Mary C. Brown to Edwin H. and Rebecca M. Brown, unit in Monticello Overlook condominiums, 1612 Monticello Avenue, $157,000.

Nobuko M. Asai to City of Charlottesville, 608 Ridge Street, $170,000.


Dara K. Querimit to Maurice T. Harris, unit in Burnet Condominiums, 154 Burnet Street, $334,936.


Harrison Grubbs to Alison Okerlund, 1007 Blenheim Avenue, $247,500.

Henry M. and Mary J. Peskin, trustees, to Tobe M. Friedberg, condominium unit in Carter-Gilmer Place, 804 East Jefferson Street, $279,000.


Gilbert and Khadija Baboulene to Marcus L. Martin II, condominium unit in 603 Cabell Avenue condominiums, $200,000.


Lelia W. Gibson and Ann B. Cyrus, trustees, to Michael B. Alexander, 612 Grove Avenue, $310,000.

Coleman B. Maddox Jr. to James T. Solomon and Kristin A. Hennings, 111 Robertson Avenue, $201,000.

John l. Pfaltz and Margaret H. Jensen to MarJohn LLC, two units in 40 East Market Street commercial condominiums, no price given.


Southland Homes Inc. to Drew P. Diener and Kelly N. Jordan, 1121 St. Charles Court, $349,900.


Southland Homes Inc. to Karen L. Fraser, 1119 St. Charles Court, $339,000.

Church Hill Development Co. LLC to David B. and Bette J. Dzamba, 142 Baylor Lane, Carter's View, $369,900.

Mike Gaffney to Clifton Bumgardner and Shelly Canterbury, 111 Morgan Court, Huntley subdivision, $505,000.

Christian L. and Lane F. Becker to Christopher M. and Julia L. Petrie, 1.0616 acres at 1415 Hilltop Road, $1,220,000.


Eagle Crest Homes and Development LLC to Dominic J. Scott, 1517 Rutledge Avenue, $377,500.

Hauser Homes Inc. to Noah S. Schenkman and Ana M. Navarro, 810 Village Road, Village Place, $615,600.

Southern Property LLC to Kate G. Oprandy, 195 Brookwood Drive, $341,600.

Christopher N. and Jodie M. Vaughn to Joshua Tatel and joanna Leeds, 1455 Rutledge Avenue, $385,000.

10th and Market LLC to Jon N. Elzey, condominium unit in the Randolph, $369,900.

Kara and Andrew Watson to Nathan B. and Lisa M. Moore, 805 Rockland Avenue, $264,000.

Julia Cook Smith to John R. V. and Mary W. Mayo, 2803 Northfield Road, $212,000.


Lupos LLC to David A. and Evonne L. Hall, unit in Jefferson Park Avenue condominiums, $171,870.

Shawna Whitford to Cassandra A. Cunningham, 908 Woodfolk Drive, $180,000.

Veliky LLC to Max and Jean White, 1014 Cherry Avenue, $189,500.

Frederick S. Bryant to Adam D. Williams, 312 10-1/2 Street NW, $162,000.

Jane T. Fisher to Tripp and Lisa N. Stewart, 843 Locust Avenue, $579,200.

CNT Restoration LLC to JRS Holding LLC, 1608 Mulberry Avenue, $190,000.

Big Deal


Christian L. and Lane F. Becker to Christopher M. and Julia L. Petrie, 1.0616 acres at 1415 Hilltop Road, $1,220,000.