William C. and Mary B. Gentry to Peter C. and Catherine W. Henning, 965 Hammocks Gap Road, $385,000.

Haley Chisholm and Morris Inc. to Barry C. Neulen and Wendy Lazarus, 4.329 acres in Indian Springs subdivision, $390,000.

Joanne S. Minard to Eileen P. and William S. Decamp Jr., 10.33 acres at 2025 Browns Gap Turnpike, $1,550,000.

Dofflemyer Development LLC to Brian J. and Margaret A. Donato, 2.290 acres at 3721 Breyerton Lane, Reas Ford Village, Earlysville, $618,000.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to Jeffrey W. and Deborah A. Smith, parcel 0.212 acres at 1136 Arden Drive, Avon Park, $466,731.

Alexandria S. and Roberta Ward to Border Investments LLC, 0.122 acres at 460 Valley Street, Scottsville, $200,000.


Gary P. and Vicki G. Bibb to A. Randal Sharp, unit in Solomon Court condominiums, 2527 Hydraulic Road, $89,900.

Phillip and Sarabeth T. vanGordon to Jacob S. and Emily S. Woody, 0.970 acres at 2120 Meadowfield Way, Meadowfield, $390,000.

Gloria B. Cobbs to Anthony D. and Erin M. Maupin, 2.791 acres at 4751 Three Chopt Road, Pine Run subdivision, $210,000.

Saul R. and Mina E. Pearlman to Johannah D. Baldwin, 0.179 acres at 495 Ednam Circle, Ednam Forest, $1,100,000.

Tuckedaway LLC to Bryan R. and Sharyn M. Parlee, 7.010 acres at Mountain Harvest Farms, $250,000.

Wayne A. Ray to Virginia V. and Charles H. Smith III, unit in University Commons, $80,000.

Baird V. and Elizabeth M. Snyder to Daniel A. and Sheila M. Saklad, 6.680 acres at 2440 North Dogwood Lane, Farmington, $3,150,000.

Roberta Penkava to Guy A. Lushin and Constance L. Clark, 5.160 acres at 5940 Markwood Road, Woodcrest, $489,000.


Southland Homes Inc. to Walter S. and Linda H. Weaver, 0.357 acres at 1713 Bending Branch Road, Bending Branch, $463,900.

Christopher J. Mundy to Victoria W. R. Joyce, 0.64 acres at 4952 Christmas Hill Lane, North Garden, $90,000.

Thomas H. Biggs to Amelia S. Crowley and Howard W. Hodson Jr., 1570 Cool Springs Road, Townwood, $167,500.

Sycamore Creek LLC to Guild Hall LLC, 21.029 acres in South Ford Farms, $525,000.

Rives C. and Louise P. Gentry to Gary W. and Cynthia F. Gentry, 3.341 acres at 900 Madison Drive, Bedford Hills, Earlysville, gift.

Christopher W. Lawrence to Linda F. and Katharine L. Boldt, 1478 Minor Ridge Court, Minor Townhouses, $203,000.

Matthew F. Gruber to Page F. Vlasis, 575 Eyre Road, Clover Hill, Earlysville, $300,000.

White Gables Charlottesville LC to Gene E. and William W. Davis Jr., condomonium unit in Pavilion V, White Gables, 425 White Gables Lane, $620,359.

Elizabeth D. Cushman to J. Leonard Hartman, 0.932 acres at 940 Quail Ridge Circle, Earlysville, $252,600.


Robert C. and Joan Z. Gibson to Joan E. R. Zehrt, 1.266 acres at 1320 Chippendale Court, Candlewyck, gift.

Southern Property LLC to Susan R. Polino, 21.002 acres at 1787 Fray's Ridge Crossing, Fray's Grant, Earlysville, $950,000.

Equity Trustees LLC to C&F Mortgage Corp., 0.827 acres in Glenmore, $300,000.

Prakash R. and Vanessa H. Kamath to Vanessa H. Gregg-Kamath, 0.955 acres at 2170 Anderson Lane, Ashcroft, gift.

H. Kent Wilson to Bevalyn B. Crawford, 0.242 acres at 1507 Westfield Court, Wynridge, $225,000.

Hauser Homes Inc. to Allen L. and Teresa S. DeGuzman, 0.044 acres at 725 Cairn Heights Court, Poplar Glen subdivision, $550,000.

Sharon M. Cotton to Loman A. Frazier, 1720 Easy Lane, Hollymead, $280,000.


George G. Grattan IV, trustee, to David G. Grattan, 25 acres at 5250 Advance Mills Road, gift.

Kimberly J. Hopper, trustee, to Ann M. Gay, 1.135 acres at 7560 Chestnut Grove Road, Esmont, $134,000.


Chrispo and Margareth Opanga to John H. and Karlen H. Layne, 5.020 acres in Rock Castle Creek, Scottsville, $92,500.

Beverly H. VanHook to Donald W. and Beverly H. VanHook, 1.539 acres at 180 Walnut Lane, Ashcroft, gift.

Thomas E. and Deborah D. Gausvik to Martha P. Akeel, 0.224 acres at 1620 Farm Brook Place, Raintree, $310,000.

Valerie R. Howell to Penny S. Garrett, 0.255 acres at 364 Minor Ridge Road, Wynridge, $228,500.

Commonwealth of Virginia to Linda E. Wachtmeister, trustee, abandoned right of way, $8,100.


R. Logan Wells to Allan and Heather Pettit, 5.91 acres on State Route 601, 3923 Free Union Road, $300,000.

N.A. Citibank, trustee, to Robert H. and Elizabeth M. Layman, 2.220 acres at 4884 Cove Garden Road, Appleberry Estates, $138,200.

Darren J. and Deborah A. Kady to Vincent and Dolores Lascala, 2.110 acres at Southwind Estates, $260,000.

Robert J. Viccellio and Erika L. Drescher to Jeremy R. and Danielle C. A. Kauffman, 110 Chandler Court, Willoughby, $286,000.

Woodlands of Charlottesville LLC to Gregory Fox Garland, 1850 Candlewood Court, Candlewood Court, $222,400.

White Gables Charlottesville LC to Mary Jane and Albert M. Lafave Sr., trustees, condominium unit in White Gables, 415 White Gables Lane, $620,359.

Milton O. Paul to Nancy L. Weiss and Carol P. Wise, 5.10 acres on State Route 610, 3264 Lonesome Mountain Road, $425,000.


Paula S. and Willie W. Spradlin to John H. and Karlen H. Layne, 32.97 acres inWoodridge Estates, Scottsville, $150,000.

Samuel I. White, trustee, and David T. and Amanda Pollard to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 5.0 acres at 6628 Scottsville Road, Glendower, Scottsville, $255,900.

John G. Mills to Ann VanDyck, 0.212 acres at 295 Tennis Drive, Four Seasons, $270,000.

Ronald P. Herzig Jr. to Eugene M. Bogen, 1519 Kinross Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $695,000.

Justin J. Schwab to Michael J. and James J. Tocci, condominium unit at 1902 Inglewood Drive, Inglewood Square, $137,000.


Thomas B. Bishop Jr. to Maria B. Shannon, 5.721 acres at 112 Pine Mountain Way, Afton, gift.

Gregory K. Wolfrey to Betty G. Wolfrey, unit in Branchlands Retirement Village, gift.

Tribal Properties LLC to NVR Inc., 154 Hansen Road, Abington Place, $465,500.

Big Deal


Baird V. and Elizabeth M. Snyder to Daniel A. and Sheila M. Saklad, 6.680 acres at 2440 North Dogwood Lane, Farmington, $3,150,000.