Church Hill Development Co. to Brian and Shannon Derrico, 0.220 acres at 7065 Hampstead Road, Ballard Field, Old Trail, Crozet, $610,176.

Merica Jo and Gary Wayne Shull to David L. Spradlin, 2.0 acres at 1012 Daniel Morris Lane,  $100,000.

Jorge L. and Devora Serrano to GMA Global Relocation Services, 0.130 acres at 3221 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $368,000.

GMAC Global Relocation Services to Kimberly Ann Cronan, 0.130 acres at 3221 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $335,000.


Woodlands of Charlottesville LLC to Fred W. Lang Jr., two condominium units in Woodlands, $431,800.

Thomas A. and Elizabeth A. Wavering to Stephen and Ursula Goadhouse, 0.176 acres at 421 Cranberry Lane, Parkside Village, Crozet, $413,500.

Lynn Carter to Susan A. M. Chambers-Rose, 0.092 acres at 2251 Hummingbird Lane, Briarwood, $240,377.


Samuel I. White, trustee, to HSBC Bank, unit at Carriage Hill condominiums, 820 Beverley Drive, $301,374.

Cornelia I. Robinson to David F. and Carol D. Frazier, 6.0 acres on State Route 668, 3239 Fox Mountain Road, Free Union, $175,000.

Christopher B. and Helle M. Stewart to Tracey C. and Jack W. Roberts Jr., 0.252 acres at 1066 Rolling Meadow Lane, Western Ridge, Crozet, $376,000.

Tracey C. and Jack W. Roberts Jr. to Stephen B. and Elizabeth M. Early, 0.50 acres at 1440 Birchwood Drive, Laurel Hill, Crozet, $312,000.

Eric H. and Lainen N. Graff to James and Lynn C. Carpenter, 5.424 acres at 3935 Gilbert Station Road, Barboursville, $369,900.

US Bank N/A, trustee, to Michael J. and Colleen C. Gaylord, 3.868 acres at 3382 Green Heights, $125,000.

Woodlands of Charlottesville LLC to Mark J. and Joseph I. Axelrod, condominium unit in the Woodlands, 1615 Elmwood Court, $260,900.


Carolyn B. and Joseph W. Wright III to Thomas P. and Diane K. Gaspa, 3.99 acres at 406 Burch's Creek Road, Crozet, $436,000.

Barbara G. McKeithan to Lisa W. Foster, 0250 acres at 1145 Dunlora Drive, River Oaks of Dunlora, $408,000.

James T. Marshall to Linwood F. and Donna J. Butler, 2.02 acres at 209 Anticoh Road, Scottsville, $56,000

J. Michael and Elizabeth Terry Snypes to Cesar D. Soldevilla, 0.043 acres at 4772 Blue Jay Way, Briarwood, $219,000.

Joy F. and Kenneth G. Tilley Jr. to Gary R. and Judith A. Moody, 0.240 acres at 1694 Redington Lane, Fieldbrook, $292,000.

White Gables of Charlottesville LLC to Tammy W. and William A. Kearns Jr., condominium unit in Pavilian V, White Gables, 415 White Gables Lane, $650,452.

Jennifer L. Gooch to Crystal Banks, 0.054 acres at 4722 Bluejay Way, Briarwood, $229,500.


Robin D. Dixon, ex., to Elizabeth Fitzgerald, 4.645 acres at 1215 Templeton Circle, Solaris subdivision, Earlysville, $300,000.

Vertie S. Wade, ex., to David and Farah M. Legard, 10.o acres at 6233 Mannahoc Way, Swift Run Farm, $390,000.

Scott A. Williams to Robert A. and Cynthia L. Meyer, 375 Gillums Ridge Road, Skyline Crest, $275,000.


Susan V. Macwright to Edward G. Epp and Natalie F. McKinney, 786 Merion Greene, Merion Green, RiverRun, $172,000.


Hollymead Square LLC to Kristie L. Feggans, 2692 Gatewood Circle, Hollymead Square Townhouses, $185,000.

Robert M. and Rebecca B. Owen to Jude A. and Nanette M. Defrank, 0.261 acres at 1899 Amberfield Drive, Amberfield, Forest Lakes, $339,900.

Demrep LLC to A&A Limousine Service LLC, unt in Berkmar Crossing, $248,200.

[A transaction published here was removed after the buyer showed the Hook a restraining order against an individual that the buyer contends should be viewed as dangerous–editor.]

Michelle C. McCarthy and Kenneth H. Webster to Kenneth H. Webster, 0.418 acres at 505 Fontana Drive, Fontana, gift.

Christopher N. and Sharon J. Stephens to John P. Noble, 0.309 acres at 203 Surrey Road, Canterbury Hills, $382,000.


Virginia L. McCauley and Matthew H. Smith to Matthew H. Smith, 1.280 acres in Samuel Miller Magisterial District, $65,000.

Clifton Bumgardner and Shelly L. Canterbury to Michael John and Connie Gilbert Ho, 22.914 acres at 2603 Browns Gap Turnpike, $1,050,000.

CMH Homes Inc. to Bradley and Jonie M. Blackwell, 2.0 acres at 6061 Jefferson Mill Road, Scottsville, $130,368.

Rhonda Dean to Craig P. Dean, 5.0 acres in Keswick, $7,000.


Anita C. Roberts to Alexander Ruddock, 31.801 acres, $83,334.

Gordon Granger IV to Stribling Holdings LLC, 68.772 acres on State Route 782, 400 Stribling Avenue Ext., $3,250,000.

Ryal L. Thomas and Calvin C. Dean to Calvin C. Dean, 9.50 acres on the north side of State Route 20, 7967 Scottsville Road, Scottsville, $20,000.


Skyline Home Builders LLC to Tore D. and Angel R. Steinberg, 2.714 acres at 525 Rocks Farm Drive, the Rocks, $1,200,000.

Tore D. and Angel R. Steinberg to Skyline Home Builders LLC, parcel in the Rocks, $370,000.

Gia A. Deangelis to Bruce P. and Jenee J. Libby, 3.970 acres at 5875 Burnett Lane, Advance Mills Village, $493,000.

William P. and Jennifer J. Scanlon to Michael G. and Allison P. O'Grady, 414 Eastbrook Drive, Woodbook, $383,000.

Woodlands of Charlottesville LLC to Michael R. Fietz, 1915 Beechcrest Court, Woodlands,$257,400.

David R. Gonzales III to Donna M. Mays, unit in Hessian Hills condominiums, 139 Hessian Hills Circle, $148,015.

Church Hill Development Co. to Betty Jo Nickles, 0.041 acres at 1928 Tudor Court, Avon Park, $250,000.

American Legion Post 74 to Montessori Community School of Charlottesville, 2.470 acres at 1462 Richmond Road, $2,300,000.

Gregory C. Godsey, trustee, to Gordon Granger IV, 124.46 acres at 5229 Advance Mills Road, Crestmont, $1,875,000.

Mary Jane and Lovic C. Streetman to John H. Knight, trustee, 1506 Lake Forest Drive, Four Seasons, $217,100.

Gregory E. and Jennifer R. Larson-Sawin to Deborah E. Lewis and Roger Woodson Sherman, 0.547 acres at 1767 Honeysuckle Lane, Lake Reynovia, $319,000.


Kathleen K. Shaw to Timothy P. and Karen L. Little, 0.298 acres at 615 Nettle Court, Redfields, $490,000.

United Bank to American Legion Post 74, 1.988 acres at 3025 Louisa Road, Pantops Business area, $1,450,000.

Hauser Homes Inc. to Charles S. and Sara P. Parkins, 5421 Park Road,Westhall, Crozet, $253,000.

Wanda L.Phillips to Steve L., Roger L., and Evelyn S. Gibson, 112 Buckingham Circle, gift.

Turkey Run Properties LLC to Spear Builders of Virginia Inc., 21.210 acres at 2995 Courtenay Glen Way, the Farms at Turkey Run, $280,000.

George R. and Miette H. Michie to Sharon Horal, 3.496 acres at 486 Miller School Road, $334,000.

Linda C. Russell to Carol W. Millard, trustee, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $142,500.

Big Deal


Skyline Home Builders LLC to Tore D. and Angel R. Steinberg, 2.714 acres at 525 Rocks Farm Drive, the Rocks, $1,200,000.