LETTER- Hooray for Eater Oldham!

I couldn't help grinning when I opened the May 15 issue and found your new feature, "The Eater." As the editor's note suggested, I ate it right up ["Maya: Subtleties make all the difference"].  

I found food critic Ned Oldham's review to be smart, polished, and fair; and it is on this latter point that I wish to dwell for a moment. From his surprise at the grouper's fishiness to his questioning of whipped cream's prefab packaging, his inaugural review made for good journalism not just because he's knowledgeable and perceptive (he clearly is), but because he has integrity– he put his name on it. I hope our community receives him well; he's doing something very, very difficult. Eating is the easy part.

Cheers to you, Ned, from someone who cares very much.

Kate Malay