Geoffrey S. Hubona to William T. Hubona, Michele H. Heine, and K. Susan Hubona, 17.43 acres on State Route 20, $553,120.

Rogers Building Systems LLC to Lois S. Keeney, condominium unit in Sachem Village, 1413 Sachem Place, $214,000.


Michael J. Strack to Daniel J. Held, parcel in Stonehenge, $186,300.

Virginia Land LLC to Rivanna Plaza LLC, 1.907 acres, $1,156,953.

CBC Partners to Rivanna Plaza LLC, 1.416 acres, $1,156,953.


Jeffrey C. Schmick to Christopher E. Wilkes, 2.0 acres, $150,000.

Frank E. Harrell Jr. to John R. Morris IV, parcel in Lewis Hill, $385,000.

Rita L. Merk, trustee, to Samuel J. Dwyer III, 3061 Amberfield Trail, $277,500.

Central Virginia Real Estate to Tammy J. Hager, condominium unit at Glenwood Station, $315,000.

Sugaray LLC to Tammy J. Hager, condominium unit at Glenwood Station, $415,000.

Gregory J. Cooley, trustee, to Richard H. Bowen, parcels, $70,465.

Southland Homes Inc. to Garnett L. Riddle Jr., 2546 Montgomery Ridge Road, Montgomery Ridge, $635,000.

Morteza Ghalambor to Kevin Cox, condominium unit at Parkside at Eagle's Landing, 192 Yellowstone Drive, $155,900.

William F. Letteri to William M. Letteri, parcel in Mill Creek, $200,000.

Matthew Chalileh to Mitra Omidvar, unit in Overlook condominiums, 340 South Pantops Drive, $105,000.


J.T. Templeton to Barbara O. Templeton, trustee, 30.792 acres, $240,000.

The Rocks LLC to Jon Brent Smith, parcel at Ragged Mountain Farm, $500,000.

Wayne T. Stinnette to Jay A. McDonald, 0.50 acres in Free Union, $40,000.

Hugh A. Meagher to Ranjit S. Ahluwalia, 1410 Plains Drive, Church Hill, $1,500,000.

Andrew J. Miller to Theodore M. O'Neill, 2856 Camp Spring Road, Camp Spring, $205,000.

Kevin J. Savoy to Robert E. Aronson, parcel at Mountain Harvest Farm subdivision, $390,000.

Virgil Lewis Dowell to Anthony W. Dowelll, interest in five acres on State Route 718, $2,000.

Edge Valley Preservation LLC to Dorothy G. Tompkins, parcel at Bundoran Farm, $455,400.

James H. McVay to Elizabeth Dance, 1.433 acres at 301 Georgetown Road, $267,000.

Robert P. Aurisy to Eastmont LLC, 2.0 acres at 6997 Gordonsville Road, $135,000.

Charles William Hurt, trustee, to Stephen B. Birchelll, parcel in Advance Mills Farm subdivision, $375,000.

Susan B. Teeter to Susan S. Tracy, 115 Montvue Drive, Montvue, $659,900.


Equity Trustees LLC, trustee, to Citibank, parcel on State Route 633, $138,200.

Jesse A. Butler to Hattie E. Baird, 0.75 acres on State Route 773, 219 Pat Dennis Road, Scottsville, gift.

Jesse A. Butler to James River Real Estate Inc., 1.38 acres on State Route 773, Scottsville, $110,000.

GMAC Mortgage LLC to Aaron Rhodes, 5682 Hill Top Street, Crozet, $179,900.

Georgia P. Rutland to Alicia P. Woodward, 0.50 acres fronting Page Street, Scottsville, $220,000.

William P. Evans to Donna B. Evans, 6.004 acres at 4432 Braxton Road, Barboursville, gift.

Shane Galie to Philip J. Anastasi, 1001 Canvas Back Road, Redfields, $340,000.


Barbara F. Knapp to Van E. Jolissaint, parcel in Whippoorwill Hollow, $680,000.

Derek Leach to Norma B. Breakiron, 1078 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechum's River, $205,000.

Mary Linn Wolf to Joyce H. Errecart, trustee, 5.49 acres, $294,000.

Robert W.Weary III to Gato LLC, 5.68 acres, $121,400.

Vineyard Estates LLC to Brian B. Helms, $1,000,000.

PRI LLC to Petrofish LLC, parcel, $580,000.

Earl I. Nightengale to Vincent W. Hockett, 1.5 acres at 675 Black Cat Road, Keswick, $2,200.

Ervin M. Carter to Michael E. Carter, 2.029 acres at 4223 Millington Road, Free Union, gift.

Richard D. Vercellone II to Alison M. Bowns, 1011 Highlands Drive, Highlands at Mechum's River, gift.

Barracks Farm LLC to Thomas B. Bishop Jr., 158.98 acres at 518 Barracks Farm Road, gift.

Robert G. Archer to Destiny of Lynchburg LLC, 1.736 acres, $425,600.

Patricia C. D'Antuono, trustee, to Richard F. Mercier, trustee, 2225 Piper Way, Glenmore, Keswick, $822,500.


R.W. Mawyer Inc. to Eugene R. Meoni, 2.133 acres at 520 Tanager Woods Court, Tanager Woods, Earlysville, $605,000.

Roger R. Fuller to Calvin W. Dabney, 2435 Gobblers Ridge Road, Gobblers Ridge, $290,000.

Bridget M. Donaldson to U2R4 LLC, parcel in Westmoreland, $340,000.

Jean L. Holley to Ryan S. MacDonald, 825 Gilliams Mountain Road, Gilliams Mountain, $520,000.

Lawrence J. Martin to Thomas R. Martin, parcel in Cedar Hill, gift.

Donald Lucero to Emerald Spring LLC, 4.9 acres west of Stony Point, $84,630.

Robert F. Short to Jeanna L. Knoble, 1298 Timberbranch Court, Mill Creek, gift.

M.W. Langman, trustee, to WHSB, LLC, Manor House at Branchlands Retirement Village, $850,000.

Holtrust LLC to WHSB LLC, Branchlands Retirement Village, $3,460,000.

Sargent House LLC to WHSB LLC, Branchlands Retirement Village, $1,890,000.

Whistler House LLC to WIAL LLC, phase 2B Branchlands Retirement Village, $500,000.

Dennis Bessette to Lawrence L. Porter, 5.137 acres, $78,000.

Theodore P. Russo to Robert J. Peyton, 3428 Darby Road, Glenmore, Keswick, $630,000.

Dwayne L. Beachy to Karl L. Hohenstein, 2516 Commonwealth Drive, Berkeley subdivision, $350,000.

William l. Rennolds to Vanessa M. Shami, 1025 Blackburn Bluff, Dunlora, $625,000.


Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Association, condominium unit in Barracks West condominiums, $91,700.

Robert Hull to Michael T. McCarthy Jr., 2732 Craig's Store Road, Afton, $390,000.

Richard L. Beyer to Paul R. Beyer, 30 acres, $70,000.

Richard L. Beyer to Scott A. Beyer, 30 acres, $70,000.

Edward L. Kittredge to Najiba S. Sultani, 1529 Minor Ridge Court, Minor Townhouses, $200,000.


Parkside of Charlottesville LLC to Eric S. Davis, condominium unit in Parkside at Eagle's Landing, $262,900.

George T. Weeks to Ernest R. Howard Jr., 3.0 acres on State Route 744, gift.

Shawn N. Brydge to A. Camille Price, boundary line adjustment at 790 Old Lynchburg Road, $100.

Mike A. Charlie to Deutsche Bank Trust Co., parcel in Rivanna Magisterial District, $179,800.,

Mildred M. Baker to George E. Baker, 2.68 acres on State Route 740, 947 Zion Hill Road, Keswick, gift.

Joshua C. Petty to Stacey G. Liljegren, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, 127 Turtle Creek Road, $165,000.

University of Virginia Foundation to Robert T. Archer, 43.566 acres at 2867 Scottsville Road, $412,500.

Robert W. Weary III to James T. Knochenmus, 5.68 acres at 2123 Bargamin Loop, Crozet, $341,200.


Bondstone Ventures Inc. to Robert M. Hauser, trustee, parcel at Belvedere Station, $235,000.

Jacob C. Levenson to Robert M. Hauser, trustee, parcel in Belvedere Station, $235,000.

Herbert F. Spradlin to CMH Homes Inc., 2.0 acres, $50,000.

Jonathan Sjordal to Mathias Thayer, parcel, $159,000.

Braxton Coles to Clariece Harris, 4.1 acres at 2613 Barracks Road, gift.

John R. Ottinger to Douglas Keith, 2.4 acres at Edgewood School, $355,000.

Desiree Slawski to Andris Kalupnieks, 1353 Courtyard Drive, Redfields, $335,000.

Ashley C. Carter to Lynn A. Boberski, 1041 Somer Chase Court, Hollymead Townhouses, $260,000.

Halbert E. Davis, executor, to Eric C. Fitzwater, 2750 Meriwether Drive, Meriwether Hills, $384,500.

Patricia C. Garnett to John D. Patterson, 0.62 acres, $200,000.

John L. Sadler to Russell S. Ryalls, 2480 Milton Hills Drive, Milton Hills, gift.

Big Deal


Hugh A. Meagher to Ranjit S. Ahluwalia, 1410 Plains Drive, Church Hill, $1,500,000.