10th and Market LLC to Susan R. and Lloyd N. Raupp, trustees, condominium unit in the Randolph, $533,900.

10th and Market LLC to Christine M. Radoiu, condominium unit in the Randolph, 210 10th Street NE, $679,900.

Karen S. and David V. Strider Jr. to Joseph E. Welchel Jr., 2121 Tarleton Drive, Greenbrier, $235,000.

NVR Inc. to Robin A. Goodall and Robert A. Waite, 628 Lanier Road, $370,000.

Jeffrey Y. Cotton to Kelvin J. and Susan M. Hammond, 0.255 acres at 709 Sonoma Street, $140,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville Inc. to Emily Snelling, 400 Valley Road Extended, $175,000.


East High LLC to Martha Jefferson Hospital, three parcels at 10th and East High Street and 325 10th Street NE, $749,300.

MGR Development Corp. to Massimo G. and Marcy D. Rampini, 708 Palatine Avenue, $346,000.

Frances S. Milton to Shana F. M. Toth, 0.189 acres at 1113 Rayon Street, $150,000.


John R. Leavell to William C. Palmer and Jennifer T. Owens, 609 Lyons Avenue, $365,000.

Donald M. and Rebecca G. Sims to Rebecca G. Sims, 211 Old Lynchburg Road, gift.


NVR to Sarah E. Lantz, 0.048 acres at 906 Rainier Road, Cherry Hill, $285,000.

Christina A. Delzingaro to Andres F. Clarens and Kristin M. Cleary-Clarens, 0.146 acres at 502 Lexington Avenue, $410,000.

C. Bernard Martin to Carol B. Martin, 404 Altamont Circle, gift.

KB 340 LLC to K2 Kapital LLC, 0.205 acres at 319 Valley Road Extended, $200,000.

Keith O. Woodard to Renaissance Place LLC, 5.89 acres at 5th Street SW, two lots on 7-1/2 Street SW,  618 7-1/2 Street SW, five lots off Elm Street, 3.07 acres on Cherry Avenue, no price given.

Keith O. Woodard to Woodard Properties LLC, 12 parcels, no price given.

Keith O. Woodard to Moores Creek LLC, 224 14th Street NW, no price given.

Keith O. Woodard to First & Main LLC, 50 percent of three parcels on the south side of East Market Street, no price given. 

Larry F. and Peggy M. Mundy to Christopher J. and Nicole D. Mundy, parcel on Wilder Drive, $268,300.

10th and Market LLC to Lewis Page Johnson and Victoria Lynn, condominium unit in the Randolph, $624,900.

Lloyd N. and Susan R. Raup, trustees, to Sei Kim and Chrlies Rogers Jr., 1243 Cedars Court, $103,000.


Ruby C. Gunter to Randall D. Wagner and Bradford D. and Christopher L. Klipp, 1345 East Market Street, $257,000.

Katherine L. Kirtley to Sanda D. Iliescu and Paul L. Lipkowitz, 1515 Oxford Road, $320,000.


Fred and Joann C. Buckhold to Scott and Teresa Cooper, 152 Brandywine Court, Greenbrier, $210,000.

Tara H. Hodges to Kea Gaynelle Anderson, 973 Rockcreek Road, $168,500.

Stephanie K. and James K. Herndon Jr. to Alaina I. Schroeder and John M. Loy, 1516 Amherst Street, $335,000.

Carolyn K. and Ernest B. Allen Jr. to Jeanette A. Adams, 502 13th Street NW, gift.

Peter Dunleavy and Marion Reynolds to Stanley E. and Jaime H. Binsted and Staunton B. Wright, 405 Altamont Circle, $527,500.

Stephen B. Wood, Johnie R. Muncy, E&M Services LC, Larry Butler, and Judit Szaloki to Decision One Mortgage Co. LLC, 2207 Wayne Avenue, $210,472.


Swift Run Inc. to C&T Rentals LLC, 802 Nassau Street, $242,000.

Alfred C. Matacia to Thomas L. and Suzanne C. Pace, parcel on 9th Street NE, $825,000.

JPA Investors LLC to Jeremy D. Rubinstein, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $179,900.

Swift Run Inc. to CCH Custom Homes Inc., 711 Rives Street, $60,000.


Gary M. Alter to Main Street Associates LLC, 913 West Main Street, $275,000.

Jeffrey T. and Amy R. Lenert to Virginia S. and Richard J. Needham, 1613 Brandywine Drive, Greenbrier, $299,900.

Ryan G. Cole to Nathan O. Holland, 1339 East Market Street, $233,000.

William H. Atwood to Jeze LLC, condominium unit in the 5th Street Flats, 215 Fifth Street SW, $546,255.


Barry Wood to Thomas H . and Judith J. Campbell, 1320 Chesapeake Street, $215,000.

Washington Mutual Bank F/A to Kenneth S. and Arlene R. Bwynak, 801 Watson Avenue, no price given.


Peter R. Hanchak and Gail E. McDermott to Mary F. Linkes, 905 St. Clair Avenue, no price given.

John H. and Dorothy Q. Chappell to Dwight and Irene Foster, 213 Stribling Avenue, $154,506.

Edwin B. Gough Jr. to Jackson B. and Mallory J. Andrews, 1607 Cambridge Circle, $292,349.

Southern Development Group Inc. to Southern Property LLC, seven lots in Brookwood, $525,000.

Southern Property LLC to Richard A. and Sherry L. Sambecki, 174 Brookwood Drive, $347,100.


10th and Market LLC to Elizabeth B. and William B. Kerner Jr., condominium unit in the Randolph, $412,000.


Christopher W. Tetzelli and Emily A. Philpott to Jasmine Martin and Austen Lamacraft, 1033 Hazel Street, $549,000.

Piedmont Hospital LLC to Mary Jo Haught, condominium unit in the Barringer, 428 Monroe Lane, $240,000.


Southern Property LLC to Gregory A. and Yvonne L. Garrett, 211 Brookwood Drive, $375,000.

Cherry Hills LLC to NVR Inc., nine lots in Cherry Hill, $664,700.

Laurie B. Herring to Jeremy O. Caplin, 712 Graves Street, $302,000.


JPA Investors LLC to Pontiac LLC, condominium unit at 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $140,600.

George H. and Page O. Gilliam to Jason Cockerill and Claudia Campo, 850 Locust Avenue, $1,575,000.

10th and Market LLC to Randoph Forty LLC, condominium unit in the Randolph, $1,230,000.

James C. Herndon to Dexter Glass Jr. and Corbin Hargraves, 1015 Cherry Avenue, $210,000.

Southland Homes Inc. to David C. Jones, unit in Melbourne Park condominiums, 100 Melbourne Park Road, $282,500.

Donald G. and Margaret E. Baker to Kelly C. and Glenn L. Hughes Sr., 105 Linda Court, The Medows, $252,100. 

Big Deal 


JPA Investors LLC to Pontiac LLC, condominium unit at 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $140,600.

George H. and Page O. Gilliam to Jason Cockerill and Claudia Campo, 850 Locust Avenue, $1,575,000.