LETTER- Club position misstold a bit

We're writing in response to the article on dredging the Rivanna Reservoir, "Sierra missed: Club urges dredging, O'Connell soldiers on," in the April 24 Hook. The article indicates that the Piedmont Group of the Sierra Club urges dredging. 

In fact, we have only asked for a reconsideration of dredging as a key element in long-term water supply planning. An accompanying cartoon suggests we are giving a thumbs down to the current water plan. We have not taken a position opposing the existing water plan, nor have we endorsed any new plan.

We applaud local decision-makers who now seek further information on possible contributions of dredging to our water planning. However, there are many factors to be considered and weighed against in the creation of a water plan. We would like to avoid extensive cutting of trees at Ragged Mountain. Furthermore, maintenance of the biological health of waterways should be a goal of any water plan. Therefore, we believe any plan should maintain water flows in the Moormans River.

John Cruickshank
Chair, Executive Committee, Piedmont Group of the Sierra Club

Thomas Olivier
Conservation Chair, Piedmont Group of the Sierra Club