LETTER- Keep local stores on Corner

I write to voice my opinion regarding the possibility of the replacement of the Satellite Ballroom/Plan 9 space on the Corner with a CVS ["Corner Plan 9, Satellite Ballroom get boot," News Shorts, April 24]. While it's disconcerting enough to see the gradual replacement of local, or at least small-chain, restaurants, and coffee shops with national chains (ie., Starbucks and Qdoba), the substitution of a corporate pharmacy for a thriving cultural venue and gathering place is deeply disturbing. Don't get me wrong– I like CVS. I know people who work there, I shop there all the time, and I always have a pleasant experience. 

What's troubling is that a move like this represents the devaluation of some of the most significant factors that make Charlottesville such a wonderful and unique community in this day and age. Part of the reason Charlottesville is consistently recognized as one of the best places to live in the country is precisely because we ascribe value to things like the accessibility of music venues, support for local businesses, and spaces in which communal activity can occur. If Charlottesville can't hold on to music venues, good restaurants, and coffee shops, how long will this continue to be a nice place to live?

Luke Wagner