GIMME SHELTER- Stinky dog? Buy him some Arfmani!

Samuel Sale
Wakefield Kennel Inc.


Q: What can I do about my stinky dog? I give him a bath regularly, but a few days later he stinks again. When guests come to our house their hands stink after petting Rover. Help!

A: Keeping dogs clean can be a challenge. We had a dog here recently that took a direct hit from a skunk. After we washed him using Skunk Off (the best product we've ever seen for eliminating skunk oder, and it can be used on people, too), the owner took him home. But the first thing the dog did was find that skunk again. He was back the next day. 

Another customer of ours has a pair of West Highland White Terriers, who are white as snow after they've been washed. Unfortunately, the first thing they do when they get home is stop, drop, and roll in Virginia's famous red clay.

Of course, even when your dog isn't rolling around in a cow pasture, tracking a skunk, or finding a dead animal, he can still stink. And when it comes to stinky dogs, it's not how often you bathe them (dogs should be bathed about once a month, as bathing too often can cause skin problems), but how you bathe them and what you use. 

We use a very thick 15-1 dog shampoo with an additive called orange oil that seeps down into the fur (you can order both products from places like Pet Edge and Davis Veterinarian Supply). For a thorough clean, it's important to rub deep into the undercoat, especially if your dog has thick fur. We also use high-pressure blow dryers, as they help push out the undercoat and make your dog easier to groom. 

Regular grooming to remove any winter undercoat or excess fur is another way to eliminate doggie odor. 

If this doesn't work, you can also buy– believe it or not– designer dog cologne or deodorant at your local pet supply store, with names like Arfmani, Tommy Holedigger, and Miss Claybone. Just spray your dog's chest and back after he's been washed, and he/she should remain fragrant for several days. 

Of course, if your dog continues to stink, check with your vet to find out if Fido has an infection or some other medical issue that might be causing the problem.