NEWS- Senior moment: Garrett mystery solved?

Four days after publicist to the stars and chicken farmer Tommy Lightfoot Garrett pled guilty to a reduced charge in Buckingham County Courthouse, some questions about his accomplishments remain. For instance, did he actually grace the cover of Senior Magazine, the Arizona edition, as at least one website claims?

Garrett's other professional achievements are easier to document. There's no doubt, for instance, that he appeared on the HGTV reality show Living With Ed– in fact, a rerun of the episode featuring Garrett aired Tuesday morning, April 22, and clips of the show are available on YouTube. Several of Garrett's self-published books are for sale on, including his most recent, Cosmic's Adventure: A Science Fiction Novel, released in paperback on March 31. In a product description, taken from the book's foreword, Garrett reveals some of his inspiration for his Cosmic protagonist.

"I think he represents the best in us and some of the battles he's had to wage for good versus evil are major compared to many of the battles we have to wage on a daily basis," he writes. "Even though I've known some very vile and evil people. Including a former employer, a schizophrenic neighbor who needed help and then went crazy when the help had to come to an end, a wannabe producer who could not take no for an answer, and a small town tabloid rat. Treachery is something that you have to see and live to grasp. So it was a blessing to have to deal with awful people in that it gives an artist and author more material to work with."

If his books are easily discovered online, Senior Magazine, the Arizona edition has been far more elusive. Perhaps that's for the best. The publisher and editor of Senior Magazine, the North Central California Edition says there is no official Arizona edition, and he's not happy that someone could be using the name.

"If there is, they're going to get sued," says Senior Magazine, the North Central California Edition's honcho Ted Richards. "We have trademarked the name. If you find out anything about anybody masquerading under the name Senior Magazine in Phoenix, let me know. I'll put a stop to that right now."

Garrett did not immediately return the Hook's call for comment.