MY RIDE-Adam Brock: 1999 Mazda G26


Adam Brock once lived out of his Mazda G26 for a month: he turned his mid-sized car into a closet. Brock says that when he was between apartment leases, he'd walk out to the car in his bathrobe every morning to get his clothes for the day. 

Brock describes himself as "a kid at heart," and now instead of serving as a closet, his trunk is full of everything from a magic kit to cowboy boots to a banana board.

The larger car also came in handy when he was toting around musical equipment for his band, The Nice Jenkins, before the band was able to purchase a van, Brock says.

He says the color of the car reminds him of "a pristine evergreen forrest," and he adds that the car smells really good, probably thanks to all the coffee cups filled with old coffee.