MY RIDE-Reagan Greenfield: 2008 Toyota Matrix


Reagan Greenfield chose her Toyota Matrix because it's a "compact wagon with great gas mileage" that allows her to cart lots of big things around in a little car. Her favorite feature, she says, is that "the seats fold down completely in the back," giving her plenty of room to haul all her stuff.  

That extra storage space came in handy when she was managing a warehouse called Sacred Source, a leading producer and distributer of ancient deities located right down the road in Crozet. Greenfield says she transported many a deity in the Matrix.

She also explains that many of her family members and friends are musicians, so she appreciates the additional room when she's helping cart around their gear.

And that bright red color? While she says at first she didn't like it very much, it has grown on her, not to mention that the price tag was "several thousand dollars less" than similar models in different colors.