LETTER- I'm not involved in water scuffle

I love my job at The Nature Conservancy, where I have worked for the last 20 years. Although your article ["'Full steam ahead': Emails suggest O'Connell, Conservancy blocking dredging," March 27], says that I'm an attorney for the Conservancy, my duties for the Conservancy do not include the practice of law. I work in Charlottesville for the Conservancy's international office as a fundraising trainer.

I have not been involved in the local water supply plan.

My friends will tell you that I'm opinionated, but I form my opinions only after gathering all the facts. Which is why I urge the Hook to publish the entire email that's the subject of the on-line story "Is the Conservancy impeding dredge options?" [March 23] as well as the Airport staff memo that was written before my meeting with the Airport's executive director.

These documents show:

*  That I went seeking information about an issue that had been raised at City Council involving the airport's runway expansion plan.

*  The reasons that the airport expansion project doesn't provide the easy solution to the community's water storage that some have suggested.

*  The tactics being employed by those who oppose the community's water supply plan.

I also enjoy my life outside work, which includes my hobby of flying airplanes. It was because of my life outside work that I volunteered as a citizen to serve on the Joint Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Commission (which is strictly advisory). I volunteered to help because I respect the Airport and its staff and what they're trying to achieve for the community.

In that capacity, I met with the Airport staff on February 21 to discuss numerous issues. One of them was the issue raised earlier in the week by a citizen at a City Council meeting. After having been briefed on the facts, I agreed with the conclusion of the Airport staff– "Because of so many unanswered questions regarding the airport project, its funding and its schedule, the [Airport] Authority is not in a position to discuss dredge material at this time."

Greg Edwards

The online story referred to the author as an attorney with the Conservancy; we stand corrected. The full text of the Airport email the author referenced are posted online as a link from this letter–editor.]