Robert P. and Deana A. St. John to Cynthia L. Strang, 5362 Rolling Road Scottsville, $166,000.

C.J. Wood Famly LLC to James L. and Roberta N. Wood, 2.006 acres at 353 Newtown Road, Mountain Hollow subdivision, $205,600.

Edge Valley Preservation LLC to William R. Tillman, trustee parcel in Bundoran Farm, $796,500.

Douglas A. and Doanne W. Dodd to Katherine W. Kapala, 113 Georgetown Green, $225,000.

NVR Inc. to Joel M. and Barbara Barredo, 0.259 acres at 5943 Nicolet Court, Westhall, Crozet, $399,195.

Edge Valley Preservation LLC to John P. and Diane M. Foraste, 2.024 acres at Bundoran Farm, $360,000.

Karl R. and Shirley W. Krebik to Robert S. and Maria Porter, 2.0669 acres at 3201 Burnley Station Road, Barboursvile, $350,000.

Ted A. and Teresa A. Harris to Erik T. and Corrine A. Hord and Stephen R. Taylor, 0.437 acres at 845 King William Drive, Dunlora, $483,000.

Karl R. and Shirley W. Hrebik to Roland L. and Heidi P. Sprewell, 16.854 acres at 3199 Burnley Station Road, Barboursville, $360,000.

Edge Valley Preservation LLC to Perrin and Margaret Quarles, 37.573 acres in Bundoran Farm, $1,192,500.

U.S. Bank National Association, trustee, to Richard W. and Candice J. Sadler, 3.3125 acres at 2659 Scottsville Road, $224,000.


Amy O. O'Dell to Heidi and Joseph Crockett Jr., 0.386 acres at 1788 Old Brook Road, Fieldbrook, $294,000.

Jesus A. Rivera Nieves to Fergus W. and Maryasha B. Clare, 3.572 acres at 8170 Dick Woods Road, Afton, $262,500.

Susan H. Lindsay to Beth Ann Williams, 1240 Maple View Drive, Willow Lake, $185,000.

David H. and Tamara B. Williams to Bryan T. Hammon and Marcey L. Dodd, 5.434 acres at 2075 Avalon Way, Emerald Ridge, Crozet, $475,000.

Edge Valley Preservation LLC to Patrick J. and Sherri K. O'Connor, 22.36 acres at Bundoran Farm subdivision, $850,000.

Salma and Komail Saifee to Amanda Winfree, 429 Maple View Court, $240,000.

NVR Inc. to Vanessa N. and Julian D. Battle, 0.040 acres at 2370 Abington Drive, Abington Place, $308,957.

Alan A. Staley to John F. and Jennifer L. Mellott, 2.481 acres at 2965 McLane Road, McLane Ridge, $360,000.

Lisa H. Wilson to Marilyn V. Whiting, 6131 Rockfish Gap Turnpike, Crozet, gift.

Old Trail Carriage Park LLC to Hauser Homes Inc., two lots in Carriage Park, $600,000.

Jennifer L. Evans to Adrienne V. Wooten, 4742 Wren Court, Briarwood, $195,000.

Snows General Merchandise Inc. to Gloria L. Foellmer, 1.230 acres at 1285 Templeton Cricle, Templeton Acres, Earlysville, $443,151.

Judy H. and Russell D. Roberts to Claude G. and Diane K. Benham, 0.323 acres at 1208 Dunlora Drive, Dunlora, $442,500,


Leslie H. Jones to Virginia Clarke McDuffie, James L. Blan, and Luther P. Gilliam Jr., 9 Jefferson West, Palmyra, gift.


Thomas S. Murphy to Brian J. Murphy, 2.0 acres on State Route 656, gift.

Philip J. and Dana R. Hoffman to John H. and Karlen H. Layne, 6.620 acres at 8038 Langhorne Road, Castle Creek, Scottsville, $105,000.

Edwin L. and Betty Jo Perkins to Peggy A. Scott, 1.115 acres at 5645 Green Creek Road, Schuyler, $147,500.

Fairway Dr LLC to Gaffney Fairway LLC, parcel in Keswick, $600,000.

Kimco LC to Ricky O. and Cynthia I. Howard, 5.153 acres at 2411 Martin Kings Road, Scottsville, $15,000.


Hartman Family Corp. to Southland Homes Inc., 18.66 acres on State Route 20, 1338 Stoney Point Road, $2,300,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Randolph R. Rinehart, 0.185 acres at 1265 Courtyard Drive, Redfields, $360,000.

Brett and Theresa L. Steen to Theresa L. Steen, 1304 LeParc Terrace, LeParc, River Run, gift.

Woodlands of Charlottesville LLC to Jeremy D. Henderson, condominium unit in Woodlands, $1830 Candlewood Court, $228,900.


Skyline Home Builders LLC to Timothy D. Healy, 1483 Stillhouse Ridge Lane, Stillhouse Ridge, $649,000.

Timothy R. Seal to Eusebio Salazr, 6128 Cling Lane, Crozet Crossing, $176,000.

Joseph E. Osborne to Ellen M. Osborne, 3767 Buck Island Road, Saddlewood Farm, gift.

Derek C. Oppen to Chris Craytor, 2205 Whippoorwill Road, Whippoorwill Hollow, $485,000.

Nicole R. Yarbrough to James D. Plakal, condominium unit at 1731 Webland Park, $204,000.

Christopher J. Campbell to Lillian Mitchell, trustee, parcel in Glenmore, $877,000.


Beth P. Finke to Neeraj D. Kulkarni, 333 Starcrest Road, Mill Creek, $286,000.

Old Trail Creekside LLC to Old Trail Homes LLC, parcel in Old Trail Creekside, $230,000.

Beights Development Corp. to Old Trail Homes LLC, parcel in Old Trail Creekside, $230,000.

GTF Homes LLC to Paul Simpson, 3.05 acres at 1592 Buck Mountain Road, White Hall, $689,900.

Christopher W. Delk to Deborah J. Collyer, unit in Garden Court Townhouses, $195,000.

Charles B. Taylor to Carol M. Bloom, 606 Mockingbird Way, $140,000.


Christian E. Uttenweiler to Tiffany Coker, 1256 Timberbranch Court, Mill Creek, $310,000.

Gale Milligan to Dennis T. Owens, 4614 Briarwood Drive, Briarwood, $215,000.

Kingma Developers Inc. to Thomas M. Hancher, 3425 Keswick Road, Royal Acres, $545,000.


Marie E. Marklein, trustee, to Ken Toms, 1057 Highlands Drive, Blue Ridge Motor Court, $180,000.

Daniel L. Oakey to Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority, 2.75 acres, $64,575.

Neil Goldwein to 315 Whitethorn Court LLC, parcel in Abington Place, gift.

Beneficial Discount Company of Virginia to Randall J. Wilkinson, 2.0 acres at 2447 Old Lynchburg Road, $158,000.

Donald E. Schinsing Jr. to Roy Engen, 2007 Bentivar Farm Road, Bentivar, $630,000.

David W. Wheeler to Susan M. Norfleet, trustee, 5.345 acres, $390,000.

Adam H. Pequignot to Richard D. Vercellone II, 1011 Highlands Drive, Highlands at Mechums River, $239,900.

Edgar R. Gibson Jr. to Adrian T. Gibson, 7.98 acres at 2121 Rustic Acres Lane, Scottsville, $236,400.

Big Deal


Hartman Family Corp. to Southland Homes Inc., 18.66 acres on State Route 20, 1338 Stoney Point Road, $2,300,000.