Anne S. Zimmermann to James P. Craig III, 9.371 acres at 1030 Rustling Oaks Drive, $300,000.

Virginia Housing Development Authority to Cynthia G. and William R. Cassini, 2.0 acres at 7622 Albevanna Spring Road, State Route 622, $220,000.

Mary W. Ruane to Copper River Ridge LLC, 63.95 acres on State Route 618, 5095 Full Moon Lane, $655,000.


NVR Inc. to Elizabeth M. Childs, condominium unit in Abington Place, 2372 Abington Drive, $239,752.

NVR Inc. to Michelle M. M. Hsu, condominium unit in Abington Place, $238,255.

NVR Inc. to Betty Robswon, condominium unit in Abington Place, 2378 Abington Drive, $268,079.

NVR Inc. to Tammy, Vincent, and Nicole G. Jackson, 0.348 acres at 5931 Nicolet Court, Westhall, Crozet, $453,040.

Church Hill Development Co. to Ha Tran, condominium unit at 1936 Tudor Court, Avon Park, $284,423.

White Gables Charlottesville LC to Janice M. Kraus, trustee, unit in Pavilion V, White Gables condominiums, 415 White Gables Lane, $720,000.

Greater Charlottesville Habitat for Humanity to Marie R. Christmas, 5.206 acres at 2388 Rose Hill Church Lane, $246,000.

Dawn M. Breenan to Wesley E. and Amy Suzanne Kidd, 1716 Easy Lane, Hollymead, $299,000.

Amalgamated Sludge LLC to Robin Rodriguez, 12.167 acres in the Rivanna Magisterial District, 5462 Laurel Ridge Road, gift.

Alvin L. Lenahan to Ronald E. Matheny, 1.035 acres in Afton, $50,000.


David L. Spradlin to Kenneth W. and Joyce Spradlin, 5.0 acres at 4669 Rolling Road, Scottsville, $192,100.

NVR Inc. to Adrian S. Saplan, condominium unit in Abington Place, 2374 Abington Drive, $273,678.

John L. and Juana E. Tang to Mark R. Otis and Timothy G. Rausse, three parcels in Esmont, $228,000.

NVR Inc. to Benjamin D. Alger, condominium unit in Abington Place, 2380 Abington Drive, $283,900.

Thomas L. Pace to CCH Custom Homes Inc., 0.318 acres at 1758 Old Brook Road, Fieldbrook, $110,000.

Hauser Homes Inc. to Douglas R. and Cathy W. Jewell, 314 Foothill Court, Poplar Glen, $499,000.


Robert B. Flynn and Margaret A. Bailey to James B. Quarles, 3.11 acres at 421 Alwood Lane, $400,000.

Edge Valley Preservation LLC to Working Farm LLC, 12.471 acres at Bundoran Farm, $796,500.

Michael T. and Winifred J. Cole to Wayne A. and Cary L. Bettinger, 3.053 acres at 5372 Watts Passage, $282,900.

Keswick Corporation to Richard F. and Susan M. Cortese, trustees, 2.5341 acres in Keswick, $337,250.

White Gables Charlottesville LC to Diane W. Horan, trustee, condominium unit in Pavilion V, White Gables, 415 White Gables Lane, $1,111,805.

Jamie K. Teer to Michelle Heppner and Lee E. Williams, townhouse in Forest Lakes Townhouses, 3369 Worth Crossing, $205,000.

Scott J. and Melissa A. Peterson to Dawn L. and Robert G. Hudgins Jr., 0.238 acres at 4996 Fairwinds Court, Western Ridge, Crozet, $89,000.

Brenavoir LLC to Kinsawk LLC, two units in Glenwood Station, $975,000.

Southland Homes Inc. to Kaimal A. Jayakumar and Bhaskaran Jayakumar, 0.478 acres at 2018 Michelangelo Court, Montgomery Ridge, $320,000.

Karen R. Lewis, trustee, to Stephen J. and Lezle D. Pfleger, 6.90 acres at 350 Yancey Mill Lane, $192,000.

John W. Younger to Michael J. and Jill G. Halseth, 0.423 acres at 1476 Perth Court, Glenmore, Keswick, $660,000.


Old Trail Homes LLC to Stuart C. and Kelly A. Moultrie, 5035 Brookview Road, Ballard Field, Old Trail, $675,000.

Faye A. Satterly to Valeria Bisenti and Douglas A. Muir, 1482 Minor Ridge Court, Minor Townhouses, $210,000.

Timothy and Kelley Anne Gable to Michael E. and Jeannie J. Beidler, 0.243 acres at 2628 Coralberry Place, Forest Lakes, $515,000.

Wesley Lunt to Federal National Mortgage Association, parcel at State Routes 618 and 622, 6427 Jefferson Mill Road, Scottsville, $174,002.

Evergreen Land Company to Robert J. and Sandra A. Archer, 0.378 acres at 645 Nettle Court, Redfields, $325,000.


Harold E. Neely Jr. to Citizens National Bank of Paintsville, parcel in Glenmore, $1,222,000.

David N. and Linda S. Mitchell to Daniel Stewart and Christine D. Helmlinger Stewart, 1.0 acre at 1501 Lanetown Road, White Hall, $261,000.

Lazaro J. and Alexandra E. Cosme to Alaa S. Awad, 0.076 acres at 1070 Bristlecone Lane, Forest Lakes South, $250,000.

Bank of New York Trust Co. to Anita L. and Thomas G. Francis III, 2.495 acres at 2226 Stargate Lane, Proffit, $254,100.

Frank H. and Jacquelin Biscardi to Theresa Z. and Charles J. Torian Jr., 7.683 acres at 777 Emmaeus Road, Wavertree Hall Farm subdivision, Afton, $617,000.

Albert E. Smith to Reuben A. and Pamela G. Holden, 747 Exton Court, RiverRun, $330,000.

Gregory W. Bevan to Christina B. Bousquet, 748 Exton Court, RiverRun, $199,000.

Thomas H. and Martha Treleaven to Patricia J. Baker, 546 Pebble Hill Court, Redfields, $308,000.


Blenheim Ridge LLC to KG Associates Ltd., 3.982 acres at Blenheim Ridge, $130,000.

Meadow Wood Inc. to Darren S. and Ester [sic] E. Beasley, condominium unit at Villas at Southern Ridge, $159,950.

Southland Homes Inc. to Thomas V. and Kimberly J. McKean, 0.408 acres at 1725 Bending Branch Road, Bending Branch subdivision, $611,098.

Vanessa N. Battle to Joseph M. Perpetua and Lauren R. Kantruss, 1275 Millpond Road, Mill Creek, $244,000.

Lambert Point LLC to Advantage Home Builder LLC, 557 Half Moon Court, Lambert Point, $315,000.

Woodlands of Charlottesville to John-David and John V. Pfile, 1625 Elmwood Court, Woodlands, $252,400.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to Carl J. and Jamie A. Reisch, 0.171 acres at 5448 Park Road, Westhall, $315,600.

Brenda Barrett to Mark M. and Jessica R. McAllister, 0.5 acres at 3519 Redhill Road, Mt. Olivet, $235,000.

Lawrence A. and Patsy Wingfield to Sherly Palapuzhamattom and Babu Padinjareanchakunnath, 2511 Huntington Road, Northfields, $320,000.

Big Deal


White Gables Charlottesville LC to Diane W. Horan, trustee, condominium unit in Pavilion V, White Gables, 415 White Gables Lane, $1,111,805.