SPORTS DOCTOR SIDE- Becoming a doctor

The Sports Doctor sprang from the foreheads of two men, my husband and Bryant Gumbel. Once upon a time I was content to watch UVA football (granted, my eyes were covered most of the time), the Olympics, the Tour de France, the America's Cup– and when all else failed, I prayed for a televised fencing tournament.

Not that I didn't have a sports background. An All Star-softball player for many years, I played lacrosse and fenced in college and also cycle and sail quite a bit. Oh, I'm big fan of Reggie Jackson's candy bar.

I even gave my brother Wade Bogg's rookie card for his birthday one year.

Little did I know....

With my boyfriend (later my husband) came the Cubs, more football, soccer, Polish ski jumping, and Real Sports.

Justifiably incensed by Gumbel's egomaniacal rant on the worthlessness of the Winter Olympics, I had to respond. I found that the world of sports isn't perfect (hello, my poor Cubbies), and that supposed experts are often biased idiots.

I can be biased without being an idiot.

Thus, the Sports Doctor was born.