QUESTION OF THE WEEK- Does Bill affect Hillary's campaign?


Carlos Ferguson: "I guess my sense is that the media determine what effect he has. So they ask a couple of people, and they say, 'I don't like Bill Clinton,' and so they report that people aren't liking Bill Clinton campaigning for Hillary, and then everybody decides, 'Oh, people don't like Bill Clinton.' It doesn't really affect things that much one way or the other. People have their feelings about Hillary or [Sen.] Barack [Obama]."


Katharine Hannigan: "He reminds me of a big dog who wags his tail all over the place, really excited and unable to control himself. He just keeps knocking stuff off the furniture. I don't know if I would say it's pro or con. It just provides comic relief."


Debbie Hackett: "I don't think he hurts her; I think she hurts herself. I think her style is abrasive, and I like her. I think she has good plans and good substance, but she's just abrasive about it, and people can't embrace her."