LETTER- Obey the law or leave

This letter is in response to Ally Rosen [Question of the Week: "What should the General Assembly be doing"? February 14] who said her boyfriend got pulled over three times last year but was only going five miles over the speed limit and "he had a New York driver's license, so that's probably why."

Did it ever occur to her that her boyfriend had to pay the fine because he's continually breaking the law? Does she condone breaking rules just because she's a UVA student– or because she's oh-so-much-smarter-than-the-locals because she comes from New York?

This is a beautiful place to live, and we locals like our slower speed limit just fine, because most of us appreciate what's left of our dwindling unpaved, undeveloped scenery. If this is a problem for Ms. Rosen, she should feel free to go back where she came from and have a great time driving on fast-paced interstates.

As for her boyfriend, who's miffed because he got caught breaking rules, she should seriously consider whether she wants to have a relationship with someone who, at his young age, already thinks he's above the law.

Pattie Boden