CORRECTION- Trial date, AG staffer, Woodall's organized

• In the February 7 issue of the Hook the article "Tommybrook: Publicist to the stars ready for trial," stated that February 8 would be Tommy Garrett's new trial date. That date was actually the day attorneys would agree on a trial date, which at press time was still to be determined.

• Also, the article "Lust bust: Porn case prompts statewide crackdown?" stated that Attorney General Bob McDonnell had phoned the leader of the Sex Workers' Art Show before their performance at William & Mary to tell them they couldn't sell their merchandise on campus. A spokesperson from McDonnell's office contacted the Hook to say it was actually one of McDonnell's assistants who handled the matter.

• In our January 31 "Gimme shelter" column, a production error caused the local expert's name to appear incorrectly spelled. Peggy Woodall is the owner of "Simply Organized."