EDITOR'S NOTE- Face the music

It's time to face the music. Normally, we let our online innovations speak for themselves, but we're so proud of the new music site that we have to announce, in print, this special treat for Charlottesville music lovers. It's a new website built expressly for you.

Now there's finally a place showing what's going on tonight– and in the upcoming weeks. At the Hook/music site, readers can learn about local concerts heading our way and get a feel for the artists via video clips, music samples, and insightful analysis.

On page 49 we describe a few more of the new site's bells and whistles. For instance, the site outputs iCal and RSS for use in your favorite scheduler or feed reader. And there's even a feed of the music itself, so you can receive a trove of cool new music for your computer, iPod, or other MP3 player.

All this richness was created by two smart guys: music editor Vijith Assar and Hook website guru Ryan Soulia.

Check it out at readthehook.com/music.