We've all let down Gerry Mitchell

Reading your follow-up this week on the Gerry Mitchell story [Fall-out: Who ordered ticket for run-down pedestrian?, I found myself saying "guilty as charged"– meaning myself as guilty.

Yes, I was outraged at the blatant injustice and disgraceful behaviour of the police department, but did I do anything with that outrage that would help Gerry Mitchell? No, not a thing!

So my question is, how can I add my name to the list of Charlottesville readers who felt the same outrage? There must be a list somewhere– or a blog– or a virtual protest bulletin-board circulating for signatures? 

Alma Cunningham


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Welcome to the club, Alma. More and more people are disgusted with the local police department, even long before the Mitchell event. Chief Longo has a few loose cannon rookies and a few loose cannon veterans that will eventually take him down. He won't even see it coming.

I recently watched the 1970's movie, "Serpico", where an honest cop is nearly killed by his fellow officers because he won't look the other way when he sees other cops breaking the law.
Today is different, since the remaining honest cops know better than to act against the brotherhood.