Frank J., Rena C., and Elizabeth C. Donatelli to Franklin S. and Jay L. Hardy, unit in the Eight Twenty condominium, 820 East High Street, $200,000.

J.W. Moore Development Company to Glass Submarine LLC, 1388 Avon Street, $239,950.

NVR Inc. to George and Patricia Benford, 608 Ranier Road, Cherry Hills subdivision, $437,200.

University of Virginia Foundation to Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia, "Morea," 214 Sprigg Lane, $4,687,106.


John W. and Maria L. Hedges to Yitna D. Firdyiwek and Sharon L. Deal, 614 Montrose Avenue, $307,000.

Karen B. Nelson and Christie E. Elliott to Mark J. Lewis and Janet E. Ferrigan, 1410 Forest Ridge Road, $249,000.


Everette M. and Jewel J. Huff to Silk Purse Properties LLC, 420 10-1/2 Street NW, $125,000.

Neil L. and Hope T. Norman to John W. Ott and Christina M. LaRoche, 1407 Forest Ridge Road, $263,000.

Thomas V. George and Gracy Thomas to Eric M. Stauffer, 1008 Holmes Avenue, $230,000.

Guillermina Nava to Liliana L. Searfoss, 914 Locust Lane, Locust Meadows, $243,500.

NVR Inc. to Herbert Hanft, trustee, 606 Ranier Road, Cherry Hills, $455,700.


E. Hildreth Cassell Jr., trustee, to Walker J. and Mary Margaret Nolan, 1827 Edgewood Lane, $718,000.

Norman G. Dill to Elizabeth Hutton Turner, 630 Preston Place, 611,000.

Southern Property LLC to David O. and Mary Ann Bowden, 196 Brookwood Drive, Brookwood, $461,600.

JPA Investors LLC to Robert J. Rapena and Lisa Gaton-Rapena, unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $174,900.


Lucille W. Jones and Mary A. Douglas to Southern Development Group Inc., parcel on Raymond Road, $60,000.

Huntley of Charlottesville Ltd. to R.L. Beyer Construction Inc., lot 75 in Huntley subdivision, no price given.

David A. and Charis L. Franz to James G. coleman and Weiwei Yen, 224 Fifth Street NW, $255,000.

Mary Miles Andrews to Alexander G. and Frances F. McAlister, 1622 Beckoning Ridge Road, $360,000.

Victor M. and Eileen Chieco to Charles F. Lindauer, 1318 Rose Hill Drive, $423,000.

Jennifer E. McCord to Kallan S. and Rachel B. Parsley, 108 Waterbury Court, $196,000.

David N. and Laura M. Berol to Abigail S. Arnold, 622 North Avenue, $300,000.


W. Gerald and Kim L. Martin to David G. Dubendorfer and Carrie J. Gertal, 307 Palatine Avenue, $238,000.

Thomas M. and Karin A. Hancher to Raul O. Chao and Cristina Lopez-Gottardi, 616 Evergreen Avenue, $860,000.

Frank Aquilone and Paul Accardo to Donald A. Gaylord, 819 Rockland Avenue, $167,500.

Caleb A. and Katherine Geer Jaffe to Catharina Crisler, 1617 Cambridge Circle, $329,900.

Hauser Homes Inc. to Siva Vaidhyanathan and Melissa Henricksen, 821 Village Road, $478,700.

Raja Charles Jabbour to Robert H. and Karen H. Heistand, 101-E Melbourne Park Circle, $299,500.

Clara B. Morris to Eiblish J. Tobin, 1503 Green Street, $185,000.

Xingcheng and Jennifer Hua to David B. Morris, 1459 Oxford Road, $330,000.

Ruth O. Hembree to Bruce A. McKenney and Nancy E. Hopkins, 111 Amherst Commons, $415,000.

Raymond E. Moreland and Suzanne S. Crozier to Michael F. Muscato, 122 Brandywine Court, $242,000.


JPA Investors to William C. and Marianne R. Hackett, unit 412 in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $199,900.

Cherry Hills Inc. to Hauser Homes Inc., lot in Village Place, Cherry Hill, $116,250.

Southern Property LLC to Winn Homes LLC, parcel in Brookwood subdivision, $480,000.

Southern Property LLC to Frank T. Baliff, lot in Brookwood subdivision, no price given.

Harrison W. and Peter R. Taylor, co-trustees, to Alfred T. and Ashley M. Shilling, 1124 Hilltop Road, $2,100,000.

Katherine H. Wemple to Ombo F. and Kathryn M. Johnbull, 100 Westerly Avenue, $297,500.

Weather Hill Builders LLC to Kevin J. and Rita J. Hart, 1546 Dairy Road, $745,000.

Linden Town Lofts LLC to Robert C. and Karen J. M. Wamstad, condominium unit in Linden Town Lofts, 1013 Linden Avenue, $229,900.

Belmont Residences LLC to Marie C. Steele, 1012 Druid Avenue, Belmont Residences, $494,500.


JPA Investors LLC to Douglas A. and Susan M. Bayliss, unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $165,000.

Cherry Hills Inc. to NVR Inc., lot 8A in Cherry Hill, $108,400.

Keith Bell to Adam Foley and Candace L. Heisey, 823 Blenheim Avenue, $245,000.

Church Hill Development Co. to George S. and Patricia K. Bloom, 829 Village Road, Village Place, $535,046.50.

Earl H. Burton, trustee, to Commonwealth of Virginia, strip of land on Jefferson Park Avenue, $7,600.

Ronald E. and John D. Coffey to Harold A. Terry, 2318 Stadium Road, $320,000.

Irene W. Boykin to Carolyn M. Grant, 734 South First Street, $102,000.

Tracy Wayne Johnson to Jerry Dudley, trustee, 1309 Mountain View Drive, $115,000.

Donald L. Lewis to Michael J. and Emily S. LaCasse, 620 Bailey Road, Orangedale, $153,500.

Big Deal


Harrison W. and Peter R. Taylor, co-trustees, to Alfred T. and Ashley M. Shilling, 1124 Hilltop Road, $2,100,000.