REAL ESTATE- Commercial Construction Permits



Monticello Associates LLC, interior remodel, 971 Second Street SE, $100,000.

SNL Development LC, add interior walls, 1 SNL Plaza, $36,021.


County of Albemarle, interior remodel, 401 McIntire Road, $61,410.

Southern Development Group Inc., finish interior, 174 Brookwood Drive, $25,000.


Walter L. Bishop Sullivan, demolish entire structure, 331 Kent Road, $25,000.


W.J. Vakos Hospitality Company, install hydraulic elevator, 2006 Morton Drive, $44,360.

Trio Properties LLC, demolish entire structure, 611 Booker Street, $10,000.



Salvation Army, remodel and extend existing bath, add shower, $10,000.

Schewel-Charlottesville, install vertical lift at Schewel's Furniture, $20,070.

Farmington Country Club, add meter to a caddy shack at first tee, no price given.

Northrup Grumman Systems Corp., shipping receiving addition for Sperry Marine, $194,675.

Pantops Giant LLC, illuminated wall sign for Mailbox Express, $5,000.

Tree House Properties of Charlottesville LLC, new nonilluminated freestanding sign for Apple Tree Academies, $1,900.

University of Virginia Health Services Foundation, reconfigure office space for Andrology Lab, Northridge, $80,000.

RDPD LLC, tenant upfit offices and showroom/ Snow Pointe Lane, $30,000.

615 Cami Lane LLC, enclose existing loading dock area for unfinished space, $20,000.

Lakeside Associates II Ltd., two-story addition to clubhouse, media space, game room, storage, Lakeside club house, $142,000.

SWF Real Estate LLC, demo one house, one garage, shed, built approximately 1925, no price given.

Brown's Cove United Methodist Church, converting existing space into bathroom, no price given.

Saz LLC, upgrade service, no price given.