MY RIDE- Mary Reid: Toyota Prius 2007


Mary Reid bought her Prius six months ago at the urging of her husband.

"He told me I should get it when he was the one who really wanted it," she laughs. "He said, 'You deserve it,' but he was the one who deserved to have this car."

She calls him a "gadget-freak" and says that in his opinion, "Everything new is great." While her husband loves the cutting-edge technology of the car, she loves the gas mileage and "the back-up camera," which allows her to avoid objects behind the car. 

Reid lives in Nelson County and commutes to Charlottesville, so her Prius is perfect because, she says, "I like to save all the gas I can." With its perfect combination of style, technology, and reliability, she says, "It's just fine for my purposes."