LETTER- Lay off McGuffey!

The Hook has lost all credibility due to its obsessive hatred of the McGuffey Park renovation. Writing an article or two about possible wasteful government spending is laudable, but I've lost track of the number of personal, nasty articles you've published trashing this renovation. Someone at your paper is clearly obsessed.

This includes Dave McNair's idiotic architectural critique [Nanny park: Toddler-friendly McGuffey reopens," November 15), a blatant, snarky smear with ridiculous comments about children being hit by cars and lonely basketball courts. All reason and perspective have been lost. 

Several city parks have been renovated in recent years. Washington Park and my own Belmont Park are great examples. Any reasonable person would agree that McGuffey Park had become a bit run down and neglected and was due a facelift. 

The newly designed park is a gem. From the landscaping to the layout, materials used, and lines, I find it to be a very appealing, attractive place. The plants that were removed were mostly non-native weed species, and they have been replaced with a larger number of wonderful native specimens that will make for a glorious canopy in the years to come.  

I plan to use this park much more often now and encourage others to do so. The skyline visible from this hilltop park is one of the most magical in Charlottesville.

I would like to thank the neighborhood folks who initiated this project, raised money, and worked hard. Even if you are middle-class, as the Hook never lets us forget, I won't hold this against you. I don't believe only those on food stamps have the right to improve their neighborhood.

Darren Pace