QUESTION OF THE WEEK- Ever had pedestrian troubles?


Robert Hobart:"I was crossing the road over by Team Tires looking for cars behind me when I ran into a car that was slowly moving toward me. It scared the lady. She wanted to take me to the hospital, but it was about like the bump you get from walking into an eight-year-old kid."


Tammi Georgi: "I was in Manhattan at 5th and 53rd. The sign had just turned white to walk, and a car came around, made a left-hand turn and wiped me out. I got a concussion and some bruises and spent a day in the hospital."


Keith Norman: "A drunk chick started hollering at me on the Downtown Mall one night. She wasn't driving or anything, she was just walking around and asked me for change. I didn't have any to give her, and she started cussing me out."