LETTER- Act locally against roads

Thanks for the well-crafted article on the Ruckersville parkway and related roads ["DOA: Who killed the Ruckersville Parkway? and other dispatches from the road wars," November 8].

In the section on the Eastern Connector, I take exception to City Councilor Lynch's derisive dismissal of Sarah Hendley's opposition to the route. It was thoughtless of him to characterize her anti-Connector activism as "hypocrisy and NIMBY-ism" simply because she lives near Pen Park. 

Of course people are more likely to get up in arms over a road they don't like if it's near their home than they are if it's five miles away. Unless one is a professional militant, one has to pick and choose one's battles. You can't fight every fight, and everybody draws a line somewhere. As they say, think globally and act locally. 

And each of us will define "locally" in our own way. 

Steve Burger