Real estate transactions



Albemarle Housing Improvement Program to Charlotte D. Drummond, 0.106 acres at 312 7th Street SW, $184,500.

Barbara Shifflett to Elbert Farley, 1408 Florence Road, $127,000.

JPA Investors LLC to Rita S. and Leroy Thompson Jr., condominium unit at 1600 Jefferson Park Avenue, $191,000.

Charles C. and Kerri S. Heilman to Myron and Susan A. Neuhauser, 312 13th Street NW, $155,000.

NVR Inc. to Ty Dwyer, 0.062 acres at 918 Ranier Road, Cherry Hill, $341,751.

NVR Inc. to Raymond Ellis Brann, 928 Ranier Road, Cherry Hill, $318,000.

NVR Inc. to Larry and Sherry H. Rowe, 932 Ranier Road, Cherry Hill, $375,040.

Heather Lynn Turner to Timothy A. and Matthew D. Palmer, 701 North Avenue, $249,000.

Shepard R. and Margretta K. Hurwitz to Kant Y. Lin and Lynn M. Sanders, 1105 Hilltop Road, Meadowbrook Hills, $1,325,000.

Marvin B. Smith to Grove Street Properties LLC, 913 King Street, $395,000.

Diane R. and Wayne T. Allen Sr. to Grove Street Properties LLC, 918 Grove Street, $280,000.

Paul H. and Nancy T. Blaney to Grove Street Properties LLC, 915-917 King Street, $340,000.


Octopus Properties LLC to Todd T. and Andrea Nadasi, unit in Walker Square condominiums, $275,000.

Swift Run Inc. to CCH Custom Homes Inc., 806 Nassau Street, $65,000; 808 Nassau Street, $65,000.

Church Hill Development Co. LLC to Joshua A. Goldschmidt, 410 Carlton Road, no price given.

Bjarki Stefansson and Thordis L. Aevarsdottir to Eric and Myla Rinehardt, 117 Waterbury Court, $190,000.


NVR Inc. to Lauren M. Romano and Rebecca L. Armstrong, 920 Ranier Road, Cherry Hills, Johnson Village, $353,280.

NVR Inc. to Julie Tran, 924 Ranier Road, Cherry Hills, Johnson Village, $355,395.

Cherry Hills Inc. to Hauser Homes Inc., parcel in Village Place subdivision, $116,250.

Ethel G. Drumheller to Anthony and Marta Buzzelli, 714 McIntire Road, $250,000.

David F. Ferreira to Mary Ellen Reitelbach, unit in Carlton Bridge Condominiums, 1002 Linden Avenue, gift.

Mary Ellen Reitelbach to Evening Properties LC, unit in Carlton Bridge Condominiums, 1002 Linden Avenue, $30,171.

Thomas Garland to Jenny and Minoo M. Sobhani, unit in Druid Hill Residences, 1103 Druid Avenue, $250,000.


Robert N. Meadows to Philip E. and Barbara J. Brown, 901-903 Anderson Street, $70,000.

Emerald Spring LLC to Feiner Properties LLC and Martin Neal, 1001 Birdwood Road, $152,100.


Southern Development Group Inc. to Skyline Home Builders, six lots in Brookwood subdivision, $570,000.


JPA Investors LLC to Robert J. Rapena and Lisa I. Gaton-Rapena, unit in 1600 Jefferson Park Avenue condominiums, $139,900.

Meredith A. Amidon to Robert M. and Voe J. Montgomery, 0.218 acres at 1810 Edgewood Lane, $529,762.

Donald L. Lewis to Gary L. Beverley, 622 Bailey Road, Orangedale, $146,000.

Octopus Properties LLC to Tilahun Giday, condominium unit in Walker Square, $271,900.

Ray F. Kauffman III to Medallion Enterprises LLC, 217 Monte Vista Avenue, $96,030.


Lewis M. Bograd and Marion L. Rust to Robert M. Fusfeld and Carolyn E. Catlett, 2115 Minor Road, $627,000.

GTF Homes LLC to Church Hill Development Co LLC, seven lots on Woodland Drive, Oaklawns, $375,000.

MTM Properties LLC to Matthew J. Wilkinson and Tyler W. Sewell, 701 Montrose Avenue, no price given.

Anne Wolfe Ertel to Elizabeth Smith, 2657 Jefferson Park Circle, $300,900.

Rae Development Corp. to Kevin M. and Terra D. Schultz, 117 Robinson Woods, $410,000.

Alec B. Campbell to Joshua Pretlow Jr., 500 Park Plaza, $399,900.

Development Management Too LLC to Brajesh Kumar Tiwari, 603 13th Street NW, $173,000.


Robert and Diane S. Garber to Rafal Kalemba and Whitney French, 1702 Monticello Road, $260,000.

Douglas R. Moore, trustee, to Peter M. Mackey, 210 Sunset Avenue, $191,000.


FNRI LLC to Bryan A. Crenshaw, 225 4th Street SW, $225,000.

JPA Investors LLC to Charles D'Ambrosio and Marisa Serafini, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $164,900.

L Verburg Corp. to Michael E. and Ghizlaine L. Taft, 2117 Angus Road, $340,000.


Pablo J. Davis and Elizabeth M. Pettinaroli to Erik S. and Carole E. h atcher, 1506 Amherst Street, $340,000.


Patrick M. Keady to Cynthia M. Miller, 109 Lodge Creek Circle, $203,000.

Yevgeny V. Mishustin and Natalie Mishustina to Glen K. and Michelle M. Heimgartner, 602 Shamrock Road, $290,000.

NVR Inc. to James Temple, 922 Ranier Road, Cherry Hill, $335,500.

Opre Gleasons Acquisition LLC to HM Gleason's Holdings LLC, 0.38 acres on Garrett Street, no price given.

Equity Ventures LLC to Jaclin Warner and Hugh Wiggins, 812 Prospect Avenue, $169,900.

Brady W. and Holly G. Allen to Jeffrey Jon Vogelsang, condominium unit in Druid Hill Residences, $270,000.

JPA Investors LLC to Andrew N. P. Morin, unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue condominiums, $135,000.


The Chancellor Building LLC to Tiger Investments LLC, the Chancellor Building, 1403-15 University Avenue, $2,600,000.

Marie O. Pealer to Daniel J. Potter, 2219 Center Avenue, $280,000.

Scott M. and Anne H. Wein to Jessica L. Thayer, 716 Lexington Avenue, $513,500.

Tenth and Market LLC to Victor F. and Mary C. O'Laughlen, unit in the Randolph condominium, 1001 East Market Street,$345,900.

Octopus Property LLC to Frank W. and Diane Mauldin, unit in Walker Square condominiums, $190,000.


JPA Investors LLC to G&B Jefferson LLC, eight units in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue condominiums, $904,200.

Ellen Renee Malenas to Erin M. Davis and Brice D. Cunningham, 943 St. Charles Avenue, $280,000.

James B. Riddle and Glenda R. Taylor to Ann E. Cheeks, 810 North Avenue, $230,000.

Southern Property LLC to Ryan D. Whitlock, 187 Brookwood Drive, $351,800.

Glenn C. and Victoria C. Branham to Gregory Scott Jackson, 613 Belmont Avenue, $165,000.


Venon G. Sullivan to Paul S. Mamakos, 509 Rockland Avenue, $229,900.

Rhett S. Wood to James L. and Anne M. Rucker, 1022 Carlton Avenue, $66,000.

Linda Branson to Brian K. and Jennifer M. Elmore, 8094 Rockland Avenue, $190,000.

Cherry Hills Inc. to NVR Inc., ten lots in Cherry Hill, $757,800.

Melinda S. Todd to Teresa Ritzert, 2514 Naylor Street, $186,500.


Betty M. and Dennis G. Stokes to Ronald D. and Kim M. Walker, 0.368 acres on Landonia Circle, $115,000. 

Phillip W. Shiflett, trustee, to Ted Realty LLC, 613 Monticello Avenue, gift.

Sara Dexter to Jennifer Wicke, unit in Belmont Lofts condominiums, 200 Douglas Avenue, $252,800.

Gloria S. Kahle to Mary E. Harlow, trustee, $4,800.

Anne H. Stoltfus to Irving and Patricia Moody, 123 Lodge Creek Circle, $200,000.

Dale Ludwig to SH Holdings LLC, two condominium units at 530 East Main Street condos, $530,858.

NVR Inc. to Shawntee Bright and Tony E. Massie, 610 Ranier Road, Cherry Hill, $463,500.

Big Deal


Shepard R. and Margretta K. Hurwitz to Kant Y. Lin and Lynn M. Sanders, 1105 Hilltop Road, Meadowbrook Hills, $1,325,000.