MY RIDE- Emily Heilman 2004 Volkswagen Jetta


Emily Heilman's 2004 Volkswagen Jetta is the car of her dreams. "I've always liked Jettas," she says. "I've always wanted one." 

She's working towards a master's degree in English at UVA, but when she has free time, Heilman loves taking "lots of mini road trips" around Virginia– with her dog, of course. "I always keep his carrier in the back," she explains.

Fido seems to share her passion for the sporty ride, but he can't seem to stay awake! "He sleeps the entire time!" she says, adding that she considers that a testimony to the car's comfort level. 

While the little silver auto has many fine points– "good mileage" is one– the proud owner says the best thing about the car is "I got the last of the old-school Jettas."