Marie T. and Byron L. Harris Jr. to David F. Maruna II, 1611 Hardwood Avenue, $387,500.

Ryan E. and Cayce H. Emanuel to Robert S. Clewell and Melissa A. Schraeder, 616 McIntire Road, $252,500.

David and Judith T. Harrison to Kevin R. and Kari L. Hirst, 307 18th Street NE, $349,900.

PS2 Properties LLC to David and Grace Dusseau, 127 Riverbluff Circle, $489,000.

David M. Kostelink and Jessica A. Owen to Matthew C. Clay and Marilyn W. Moedinger-Clay, condominium unit in Belmont Lofts, 200 Douglas Avenue, $330,000.

Heather S. Trout to Volker G. Kiessling, 625 Hinton Avenue, $273,500.


Octopus Properties LLC to Christopher A. Hoshi, condominium unit at 705 Walker Square, $245,000.

Cherry Hills Inc. to NVR Inc., six lots in Cherry Hills, $433,200.

Southland Homes Inc. to Fredric J. Chandler and Jennifer A. Jaquin, 1103 St. Charles Court, $345,000.

Samuel I. White, trustee, to LaSalle Bank, trustee, 1430 Briarcliff Avenue, Forest Hills, $211,000.

Alice S. Dearborn to Berma L. Stahl, 0.275 acres at 221 Wine Street, gift.

Clara Henning to Lee M. Brunjes, 1605 Cambridge Circle, $385,000.

Joan H. and John F. Wolfe Jr. to Stribling Avenue LLC, 211 Stribling Avenue, gift.

Joan H. and John F. Wolfe Jr. to Cedar Hill Road LLC, parcel in the Meadows subdivision, gift.


Octopus Properties LLC to Phoebe C. and Joseph Andrews Jr., condominium unit at 720 Walker Square, $195,000.

Sharon D. Bryant to Joshua J. and Mary M. Stewart-Silver, 1607 Meridian Street, $253,000.

Latitude 38 LLC to Jamie L. Leonard and Geoffrey S. Keenan, 1102 Grady Avenue, $355,000.

Michael A. and Janet B. Webb to Robert D. Newmann and Rachel Harmon, 1852 Westview Road, $889,000.

Walter M. and Sandra W. Burton, trustees, to Seihi Kim and Charlie Rogers, unit in Arlington Court condominiums, 244 Arlington Boulevard, $112,500.


Kevin Daly to Kevin Schultz and Felicia Martin, 0.139 acres at 1006 Druid Avenue, $307,000.

Noied LLC to Shelia R. Crane and Sarah E. Betzer, 1457 Oxford Road, $451,000.

Enoch E. Snyder III to Donna R. Stewart, trustee, 915 Blenheim Avenue, $240,000.

Robert D. Brugh to UVA Foundation, two lots on University Place, $1,445,000.

Lutticia Lynn Wilhite to Jerome and Lutticia Lynn Wilhite, 0.131 acres at 513 11th Street NW, no price given.

Max T. Valahovic and Jennifer L. Hoffman to David R. and Lisa M. Shook, 705 Dell Lane, $290,000.


The Most Reverend Francis X. Dilorinzo, bishop of Catholic Diocese of Richmond, Virginia, to Dominican Fathers, Province of St. Joseph, 331 Kent Road, $500,000.

Joel Furtek to Amanda D. Thompson and Johanna A. Claasen, unit in Monticello Overlook Condominiums, 1610 Monticello Avenue, $200,000.

Catherine Swenson to Timothy S. Davis, 0.201 acres at 501 Lexington Avenue, $625,000. 

Katherine A. Schulz-Heik to Anthony L. Peacock and Karen Knudsen, condominium unit in Willoughby Townes, 109 Old Fifth Circle, $300,000.

Dwayne A. Bulls and Andrea Michele Rush-Bulls to DA2B Properties LLC, 1365 Singleton Lane, Orangedale, no price given.

Heather L. Hall and Ajay Sood to Thomas and Heather Donaldson Cormons, 1116 Forest Hills Avenue, $264,000.


John B. Carr Jr. to Ivan N. Ratesic, 1211 Avon Street, $230,000.

Dwayne A. Bulls to DROC LLC, condominium unit in the Corner Village, 1215 Wertland Street, no price given.

Southern Property LLC to Robert M. Yarmey, 197 Brookwood Drive, Brookwood, $360,200.

Florence L. Fitzgerald to CMT Jr. LLC, two lots on Blenheim Avenue, Belmont, no price given.

Richard H. and Elizabeth H. Ramsey to Prudential Relocation Inc., 1608 Greenleaf Lane, $362,000.

Prudential Relocation Inc. to William Dobbs III, 1608 Greenleaf Lane, $362,000.

Arnita K. Hill to Andrew and Christine Sauder, 125 Lodge Creek Circle, $193,000.


Hauser Homes Inc. to Matthew R. and Rian K. McClevey, 806 Village Road, Village Place, $477,800.

Amy E. Kolbrener to William LeSueur, 1623 Mulberry Avenue, $232,500.

Louise J. Gregory to Justin H. Brown, 215 Stribling Avenue, $219,900.


Jamshed B. and Lynn U. Fracis to Gloria M. Rockhold, 1417 Lester Drive, Sylvania Hills, $336,000.

NVR Inc. to Amanda Bertelson, 930 Ranier Road, Cherry Hill, $358,500.

Stan and Judy Tatum to Ethan Carr and Sarah E. Allaback, 1141 Locust Avenue, $515,000.

Phillip W. Dean to Jeffrey Rossman, 1885 Westview Road, $975,000.

Brendan R. Mathews and Margaret Keller to Mark S. Hahn and Amy Kolbrener, 809 Moore Avenue, $349,000.


Jill W. Lilley to Demetrios A. and Janice W. Julius and Anthony D. and Aristides D. Julius, 1506 Trailridge Road, Johnson Village, $298,000.

Dunn Management Inc. to CPD Properties LLC, two parcels on Emmet Street, no price given.

Hauser Homes Inc. to Jennifer L. and Jay H. Porter Jr., 808 Village Road, Village Place, $441,500.

Nicole J. Hocking and George G. Andrews to Westley R. Weimer, 2513 Willard Drive, $259,000.

King and Grove St. LLC to Piedmont Housing Alliance, 315 9th Street SW, no price given.

Piedmont Housing Alliance to Central Virginia Development Solutions Inc., 315 9th Street SW, no price given.

Central Virginia Development Solutions Inc. to Plaza South of Main LLC, 315 9th Street SW, no price given.

JPA Investors LLC to Charles A. Rice, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $139,900.

Jessica, Charles, and Marsha Summers to William R. and Yvonne E. Anthony, 982 RockCreek Road, $162,000.


Matthew J. and Janna S. Lind to Richard L. Bard, 817 Orangedale Avenue, $150,000.

Bernard E. and Alice S. Easton to Peter Krebs and Meredith Cole, 1022 Tufton Avenue, Tufton, $235,100.

Linden Town Lofts LLC to Randall S. Foster, condominium unit in Linden Town Lofts, 1013 Linden Avenue, $245,000.

CCH Custom Homes Inc. to Robert L. and Lynda M. Sharp, 908 Elliot Avenue, $355,000.


Thomas J. and Lisa M. Gambino to Benjamin Taitelbaum and Pitiya Le Huu, 122 Waterbury Court, $188,000.

Jameel and Tiffani D. Dennis to Isabel Ardon De-Bonilla and Ana R. Bonilla Ardon, 818 Orangedale Avenue, $150,000.

Paul Muhlberger to Peter R. Generelly and Evan D. Byrne, 414 Fairway Avenue, $250,000.

Selinger Homes Inc. to Patrick T. and Meghan W. Keith-Hynes, 373 Quarry Road, Belmont Village, $349,000.

Overlook Ventures LLC to Stanley and Shelley Schwartz, 1155 Kensington Avenue, $420,000.

Katherine A. Meffert to Outlook Properties LLC, 0.188 acres at 611 Avon Street, $235,000.

Ryal L. Thomas to Progressive Ventures LLC, 1214 Monticello Road, $475,000.

Franklin St. LLC to Morningstar Development LLC, 0.290 acres on Franklin Street, $70,000.

Alistair D. Edwards to Antonio A. Romero, condominium unit in Belmont Lofts, 200 Douglas Avenue, $282,000.

Morry and Amy Brown to Christopher J. Ellis and Kimberly Lo, 0.121 acres at 100 Westwood Circle, $265,000.

JPA Investors LLC to Alexander S. Baras, condominium unit at 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $165,000.

Big Deal:


Michael A. and Janet B. Webb to Robert D. Newmann and Rachel Harmon, 1852 Westview Road, $889,000.