REAL ESTATE- WHAT'S GOING DOWN- Car Lovers Car Wash, 1801 Hydraulic Road

ADDRESS: 1801 Hydraulic Road (at K-Mart shopping center)

NEIGHBORHOOD: Route 29 North 

ASSESSMENT: $8,923,300 for entire site (K-Mart, Gold's Gym, etc.)

YEAR BUILT: unknown

SIZE: unavailable

LAND: 14.341 acres (entire K-Mart site) 

OWNER: Peyton Associates Partnership/K-Mart Corporation

DEMO PERMIT DATE: 11/01/2007

CONTRACTOR: R. S. Woodson Excavating 

NOTE: Car Lovers Car Wash, located on property owned by the owners of the K-Mart shopping center, is being demolished to make way for a new Whole Foods Market (eventually the proposed Hillsdale Connector may also run through the site). Late last month, the long-closed Terrace theater, also located on the site, bit the dust as part of the same overhaul. The car wash is moving to a new location at 1099 East Rio Road.