Charles M. and Brenda R. Broadwell to Mark Daniel, Beth, and Marjorie DeBoer, 303 Dover Road, Carrsbrook, $445,000.

Lani Hoza to Christopher P. Davis and Holly A. Walton, 0.198 acres at 1076 Highlands Drive, Highlands at Mechum's River, $236,000.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to R.D. Wade Builder Inc., two lots in Glenmore, $405,000.

Cynthia Duffy and James Ridout to Jacqueline I. Hansen, trustee, 0.3434 acres at 2136 Loring Circle, Rivercreek of Dunlora, $455,000.

Michael M. and Virginia L. McGraw to Stephen G. and Chandra Q. Brooks, 0.295 acres at 5396 Windy Ridge Road, Cory Farm, $390,000.

Halim Hanna to Jeffrey and Sarah Wilson, 33 Woodlake Drive, Four Seasons Townhouses, $187,000.

Church Hill Development Co. to Corey A. Rynders and Sara D. Reimsnyder, 0.035 acres at 386 Joliet Court, Westhall, Crozet, $199,900.

Custom Home Builders of Virginia Inc. to James A. and Pamela J. Krause, 7.55 acres at 8315 Langhorne Road, Rock Castle Creek, $199,000.

Daniel J. and Allison B. Greene to Glen E. Michael and Lauren C. Penniman, 0.359 acres at 1450 Stoney Creek Drive, Mill Creek South, $386,000.

Michael P. Logan to Gary C. Palmer and John C. Struckmann, 15 Georgetown Green, $236,500.

Daniel A. and Crista B. Warniment to Philip Wright, 0.199 acres at 255 Albert Court, Camellia Garden, $194,500.

Jane E. Shawn to Sharon B. and Douglas Leavell, trustees, 1092 Towne Lane, Village Square, $315,000.

Inglewood Square LLC to John A. Owen Jr., unit in Inglewood Square, $53,400.

Janice L. Frye to Vanessa A. Camperlengo, 5.030 acres at 1947 Old Lynchburg Road, $229,900.

Jeremiah W. Lanford to Roderick F. and Michelle M. Kelly, 0.282 acres at 1190 Redfields Road, Redfields, $420,000.

Donna D. and Thomas L. Brumfield Jr. to Bertrand A. and Elizabeth L. Page, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $164,000.

MGR Development Corp. to Massimo and Marcy D. Rampini, 7047 Hampstead Drive, Ballard Field, Old Trail, $415,000.

Charlotte P. Brock to James V. and Dolores A. Carley, 1404 Lilac Court, Branchlands Retirement Village, $256,000.

Miklos L. and Katalin M. Magyar to Rick M. Rossano and Mandy Baskin, 1.090 acres at 1230 Templeton Circle, Templeton Acres, Earlysville, $310,000.

NVR Inc. to Frank T. and Melissa A. Ballif, 2040 Lockwood Drive, Abington Place at Hollymead, $288,316.

NVR Inc. to Lindsay S. and Wendy J. Ellis, 4090 Brocks Lane, Abington Place, Barboursville, $267,690.

Jackson L. Dickerson to Jeffrey B. and Lori S. Toms, 2.113 acres at 1550 West Pines Drive, Westwoods, $542,000.


Molly McL. and James M. Hill Jr. to Thomas G. and Laura C. Milstead, 0.157 acres at 1244 Stonegate Way, Stonegate at Western Ridge, Crozet, $380,000.

Barton D. Pattie Jr. to E. Ritchie Fishburne, 453.5 acres on State Route 756, $69,850.

Keswick Corp. to Dennis and Susan Ould, 3.703 acres at 2630 Palmer Drive, Keswick Estates, $444,750.

High Harbor Inc. to Robert E. and Sara S. O'Connor, 1.101 acres at 515 Foxdale Lane, Foxchase, $1,400,000.

Robert M. and Phyllis C. Goughnour to Sally J. O'Neil, 2.0 acres at 2862 Southern Hills Drive, Southern Hills, $650,000.

Robin E. Eastham to Creek Woods LLC, 140 acres at 7200 Plank Road, Port-A-Ferry Farm, $2,300,000.

King Ehrlich Investment Co. Inc. to Creek Woods LLC, 53.51 acres in White Hall Magisterial District, $900,000.

Eleanor V. Finger to Matthew A. Smith, 1.986 acres at 125 Nether Springs Court, Wavertree Hall Farm, Afton, $325,500.

Christopher T. and Megan K. Miklos to Gregory P. and Kelly O'Donnell, 0.257 acres at 243 Grayrock Drive, Grayrock Orchard, Crozet, $360,000.

Donna W. Dratwa to Emilie T. Schneider, 0.151 acres at 5563 Stonegate Lane, Western Ridge, Crozet, $352,500.

NVR Inc. to Linda Clepper, 2074 Lockwood Drive, Abington Place at Hollymead, $339,917.

NVR Inc. to Mahmood Moghimzadeh, 2331 Aldersgate Way, Abington Place at Hollymead, $309,940.

NVR Inc. to Eun Sook Choi, 2337 Aldersgate Way, Abington Place at Hollymead, $351,225.

NVR Inc. to Savies Rod Shirbacheh, 2062 Lockwood Drive, Abington Place at Hollymead, $300,106.

NVR Inc. to Jon K. Stegall, 2325 Abington Place, Abington Place at Hollymead, $371,504.

NVR Inc. to Bobby G. Newberry, 2070 Lockwood Drive, Abington Place at Hollymead, $297,680.

NVR Inc. to Thomas W. Ridley, 2044 Lockwood Drive, Abington Place at Hollymead, $265,215.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to John A. and Judith E. Wickens, 0.472 acres at 1313 Kilchattan Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $620,000.

David T. Speakman Sr. to James C. and Michelle L. Routson, 0.641 acres at 3165 Sandown Park Road, Glenmore, Keswick, $630,000.

NRV Inc. to Kent D. and Sue A. Conquest, 2341 Abington Drive, Abington Place at Hollymead, $397,110.

Parkside at Charlottesville LLC to Ozair A. Abdullah, condominium unit in Parkside at Eagle's Landing, $262,900.

Parkside at Charlottesville LLC to Lisa B. Hon, condominium unit in Parkside at Eagle's Landing, $166,400.

Cheetah Property Owner LLC to Justin L. Neill and Claire Elizabet Shelhamer, unit in Barracks West condominiums, 2623 Barracks Road, $166,400.

The Rocks LLC to Frank Langan and Tracy L. Mayo, trustee, 3.103 acres at Ragged Mountain Farm, $400,000.

Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to Adam and Marika Koch, 0.464 acres at 1951 Ridgetop Drive, Mosby Mountain, $515,000.

Kevin C. Hazen, trustee, to James C. and Nina R. Johnston, 1708 Old Forge Road, Hessian Hills, $549,000.

Elinor P. Jackbson and Patricia D. Arnold to Shawn Brittle, 2.0 acres on State Route 608, 7482 Happy Creek Road, $217,000.

Gregory Topczewski to G. Theresa Thomas, 0.064 acres at 1058 SomerChase Court, Hollymead Townhouses, $250,000.

David W. Howe, trustee, to Charlotte P. Brock, 2622 Ravenscroft Way, Forest Lakes South, $270,000.

Dianne H. and Maurice A. Lescault Jr. to Brian S. and Heather L. Uthlaut, 0.278 acres at 2017 Kemper Lane, Rivercreek of Dunlora, $468,650.

Laura J. Scully to Neal E. and Ellen R. Dunlap, 634 Crumpet Court, Stonehenge, $215,000.

Magine LLC to Donna Dratwa, condominium unit in Glenwood Station, 949 Glenwood Station Lane, $259,000.

Cynthia Brooks to Billy Lee Smith Jr., 1350 Mosby's Reach, Mosby's Reach subdivision, $455,000.

Alesandro Medici to Rita Medici, 2.0 acres, gift.

Big Deal


Robin E. Eastham to Creek Woods LLC, 140 acres at 7200 Plank Road, Port-A-Ferry Farm, $2,300,000.