Paul K. Dougherty and Kurtis Keesecker to Vesla M. Weaver, 213 Spruce Street, $350,000.

Roger R. and Susan D. Fulton to James F. and Evangeline L. Calland, 1427 Grove Road, $483,000.

Martha Jefferson House to Montessori Educational Trust, 0.461 acres at 1602 Gordon Avenue, $650,000.

Jermaine V. and Cortney L.  Jones, Colette J. Burns, and Felicia Morton to Jeremy O. Caplin, 0.110 acres at 357 10-1/2 Street NW, $100,000.

Keith D. Meade to Oscar A. Muranda, 1518 Rosa Terrace, $119,500.

Martin A. Beekman and Dorothy H. Tarleton to Timothy J. Wedge and Andrea  L. Zechman, 2321 Glenn Court, Greenbrier, $350,000.

Roka Interests LLC to Jane Sinwell and William Ronald Evans, 125 Riverbluff Circle, $407,900.


John A. Dezio, administrator, to Stacey R. Hansen, 806 Bolling Avenue, $182,000.

Octopus Properties LLC to Patricia L. Junker, condominium unit at 715 Walker Square, $190,000.

Timothy Wu to J. Miles, Pamela D., and Judith L. Peterson, 902 Rosser Lane, $395,000.

Robert M. Callaghan and Robert D. Brugh, trustees, to Corey B., F. Ronald, Janet B., Brad R., and Barry K. Cutright, 0.153 acres at 1901 Jefferson Park Avenue, $350,000.

Ralph Shiflett to Susan L. and Karie A. Wilson, 1010 Long Street, $103,000.

Ralph Shiflett to Karie A. Wilson, 1006 Long Street, $103,000.

Isabell M. Luck to Feiner Properties LLC, 0.110 acres at 712 West Street, $120,500.

Mary D. Strother and David A. Goldner, trustees, to UVA Foundation, 0.245 acres at 503 Brandon Avenue, $1,300,000.

Samuel M. Johnson Sr. to Brandon D. Davis, 918 Blenheim Avenue, $157,000.

Laird Haugh, trustee, to Jamie and Sodora Jones, 773 Prospect Avenue, $132,450.

Wade Apartments to Hesham Abdul-Dayem, 0.276 acres at 1305 Cherry Avenue and 0.276 acres at 1305-1/2 Cherry Avenue, $490,000.

Joshua A. Baumfeld and Lynn-Anne M. Schow to Stephen D. Sellers and Allison J. Pugh, 1848 Winston Road, $762,000.


Katherine C. Respess to Matthew and Elisa Trowbridge, 702 Northwood Avenue, $410,000.

Erol and Melanie W. Baskurs to James R. and Cynthia Winchester, 1817 Yorktown Drive, $595,000.

Marianna G., William C., and William C. Law III to Fred and Kerian Dodson, 1603 Delmar Drive, $229,000.

David B. Holton and Frances E. Nudelman, trustees, to Peter DeBaere and Manuela Achilles, 1043 Locust Avenue, $450,000.

Louis A. and Dianne B. Baskfield to Alexandra C. Kyser, 910 Anderson Street, $220,000.

 Vivian Anderson to Lynette B. Cary, 1109 Page Street, $102,000.

Gaffney Homes LLC to Nancy Martinson, 113 Morgan Court, Huntley subdivision, $499,900.


Bjorn J. Turnquist to Glenn J. and Elizabeth L. McGarvey, 2005 Meadowbrook Road, $284,000.

Frank Aquilone and Paul Accardo to Donald and Catherine Smyles, 116 Stratford Court, $329,900.


Sue Haight to Eric, Diane M., and Suzanne E. Kolb, 1726 Dairy Road, $370,000.

Sarah L. Peale to David S. Witmer, 513 Avon Street, $300,000.

R. Stanley and Judy M. Tatum to Angela M. Taylor, 603 Farish Street, $475,000.

Donna L. Shirley to Tucker Ellie LLC, parcel at Shamrock and Harmon streets, no consideration.

Edgardo A. Buscaglia and Clarisa Long to Frank J. and Kelli L. Huffman, 1729 Yorktown Drive, $373,000.


Octopus Properties LLC to B. Lynne Parshall, condominium unit at 755 Walker Square, $280,000.

Sean A. Ealey to Andrew J. and Jennifer Y. Mashburn, 418 Oak Street, $325,000.

Karen H. Goodchild to Hallam L. Movius and Katharine Bennis, 1109 East Jefferson Street, $430,000.

Andrew S. and Dana Loverstreet to Michael E. Harvey and Rachel A. Zizka, 1019 Locust Avenue, $461,000.


Edward L. and Katherine S. Davies to R. Stanley and Judy Tatum, 717 Watson Avenue, $400,000.

Greater Charlottesville Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Joseph M. Cochran, trustee, 0.072 acres at 334 6-1/2 Street SW, no price given.

Joseph M. Cochran, trustee, to Anthony P. Trace, 0.072 acres at 334 6-1/2 Street SW, $220,000.


Khurrum and Erica D. Malik to Jonathan S. Stover, 707 Shamrock Road, $281,000.

John D. Sweet to Amy Stone and William Dunn, unit in Monticello Overlook condominiums, 1602 Monticello Avenue, $200,000.

John Adamson to William S. Knight, 1105 Avon Street, $259,000.

Joseph J. Mullen, Edgar F. Pierce, and Emnpea LLC to Gregory W. and Kathleen Davenport, 1607 Westwood Road, $315,000.

JPA Investors LLC to Cade and Karen Lemcke, condominium unit at 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $160,000.

Andrew V. and Cynthia C. Kean to Dorothy M. Jones, 765 Prospect Avenue, Orangedale, $120,000.

Church Hill Development Co. LLC to Karen L. Bjorn and Mary C. huey, 807 Village Road, Village Place, $499,900.


Susan M. Prasad to Alexander B. and Stacy E. Jehle, 107 Leigh Place, $242,500.

Charles M. and Marjorie C. Woolheater to CNT Restoration LLC, 0.091 acres at 1608 Mulberry Avenue, $200,000.

Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia to UVA Foundation, five parcels formerly known as Jefferson Park Center, and five parcels on West Main Street, no price given.


Bart C. Neumann to Keystone Development Corp., 2308 and 2308-1/2 Fontaine Avenue, $80,000.

Kathleen A. Meffert to Carrie Lee Pledger, 621 Monticello Avenue, $17,500.

Renee C. and R. Fred Hayes Jr. to James C. and Rebecca J. Sargent, 107 Warren Lane, $534,000.

Cherry Hills Inc. to NVR Inc., three lots in Cherry Hills, $325,200.

Bethany K. and James H. Miller III to Francisco Espinoza, 112 Azalea Drive, $279,000.


Clyde A. and Jessica N. Simmons to Jason Lawrence and Amber Post, 2276 Monte Vista Avenue, $316,000.

David L. Houchens to Michael and Amanda Jay, 1112 Avon Street, $330,000.

John and Parthenia McCutcheon to Parthenia Monagan, 0.746 acres at 1025 Locust Avenue, no price given.

M. Gabrielle and Elizabeth G. Hall to Ryan T. Prince, 1610 Jamestown Road, Greenbrier, $389,500.

John L. Gittleman, and Karen E. Holt to Robert B. Kirkconnell III, 714 Locust Avenue, $400,000.

Francisco and Meridith H. Benincasa to Miloslav Miloslavov and Vanya Miloslavova, 115 Burnet Street, Burnet Commons, $345,000.

Justus J. Garman and Sarah G. Rocklin to Gregory S. Goering  and Jalane D. Schmidt, 705 Village Road, Johnson Village, $320,000.

Eva C. Casola to John P. and Genevieve H. Broome, 103 Leigh Place, Willoughby, $264,000.

Big Deal


Mary D. Strother and David A. Goldner, trustees, to UVA Foundation, 0.245 acres at 503 Brandon Avenue, $1,300,000.