LETTER- Let citizens review complaints

After reading the article "Show of Force" [News, October 11], it would be easy to have visceral reactions, jump to conclusions, or toss around blame. 

Or we could simply agree that Charlottesville would be a better place if the City Council and Police Chief Timothy Longo would unite behind a plan to appoint a volunteer citizens review board to hear complaints against public safety employees. In the past two decades, two-thirds of the nation's top 100 cities have adopted this approach. 

But fairness and accountability aren't just for big cities. 

Through the use of an independent review board, Charlottesville would have a constructive way of resolving disputes; an infrastructure for pro-actively providing community support for the police; and a transparent method of vindicating the wrongly accused and dealing with those who breach the public trust.

When will the city and chief act to protect the integrity of our world-class city?

 John Racine