Philip Edward Brown Sr. to Dunlora Gates LLC, 7.75 acres on Free State Road, $852,500.

Virginia Land LLC to Southland Homes Inc., four lots in Montgomery Ridge, $500,000.

Kathryn M. Gulding to John C. Kokola, 2.038 acres at 2025 Sweet Hollow Lane, Dudley Mountain Lodge, $193,500.

Mary Chesler to Keith J. Gardner, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, 109 Turtle Creek Road, $178,000.

Daniel G. and Rebecca A. Schleifer to Christopher W. Clarke and Rachel Leigh Reynolds, 2.058 acres at 2858 Randolph's Orchard Lane, Esmont, $225,000.

Raymond B. Guthrie III to Anthony J. and Rose Ann Santoro, trustee, five acres at Royal Acres, $250,000.

Parkside at Charlottesville LLC to Wilfredo S. and Yolanda M. Mejia, condominium unit in Parkside at Eagle's Landing, 195 Yellowstone Drive, $259,900.

Fred W. Powell Jr. to Michael P. and Katherine A. Drzal, condominium unit at 1292 Clifden Greene, RiverRun, $180,000.

Rebecca M. Kelly to William D. Haney Jr., 1500 Running Deer Drive, Running Deer subdivision, Keswick, $250,000.

Dale and Chris Ann Ludwig to Jason Fitzgerald, 1205 Orchard Drive, Orchard Acres, Crozet, $227,500.


Ian C. Kelly to Douglas F. and Janie G. Dunivan, 2.0 acres at Vineyard Road, Barboursville, $240,000.

Tribal Properties LLC to NVR Inc., lot in Abington Place subdivision, $570,400.

James L. and Barbara Huneycutt to James A. and Octavia Williams, 976 Rockledge Drive, Redfields, $361,900.

Michael W. and Valerie Renee Gibson to Bruce M. Wachtel, 5960 Railroad Avenue, Crozet, $192,000.


Lupos LLC to Daniel R. Conkle, condominium unit in Hessian Hills, 2417 Barracks Place, $137,000.


Liberty Homes Inc. to Gregory A. and Karen S. Sheaves, 0.357 acres at 1433 Maymont Court, Oak Hill, $391,000.

Carriage Hill I Condominiums LLC to Peter H. and Dale C. Turza, unit in Claremont at Carriage Hill, 1055 Weybridge Court, $269,000.

Keun Pyo Kim and Hyunsun Seo to Cedric C. and Amy E. Regelin, 1072 Bristlecone Lane, Willoughby, $279,000.

James Tapscott and Andrew Morris to Andrew Morris, 10.0 acres at Viewmont West Drive, $57,500.

Meadow Wood Inc. to Amy K. Guszik, condominium unit at Villas at Southern Ridge, 1264 Villa Lane, $166,094.

Evan S. and Lori Marcus to John P. and Catherine A. Harlow, 0.262 acres at 1175 Cedarbrook Court, Highlands at Mechum's River, $300,000.


Robert V. Finley and Dana Ashley Lights to Dana and C. Peter Harris Jr., 8.677 acres at 3920 Dick Woods Road, $265,217.

Alden W. Jackson to CCH Custom Homes Inc., 3.47 acres at 1915 Lambs Road, $265,217.

Jerry K. and Heather L. Goode to Scott M. Weiss and Bonnie J. Marty, 1.97 acres off State Route 708, 3570 Layton Drive, $657,000.

Ellen F. Wallace to Lawrence A. and Lawrence A. Edell II, 0.169 acres at 4 Waterwheel Court, Mill Creek Village, $305,000.

Benjamin D. and Rosetta S. Dickerson to Riohaus Partners LLC, 0.950 acres in Carrsbrook, $500,000.

Meadow Wood Inc. to D. Kevin and Christine D. Dean, condominium unit at Villas at Southern Ridge, 1272 Villa Lane, $159,950.

Daria M. Snider to Elliot Majerczyk and Aniko Bodroghkozy, 0.379 acres at 210 Westminster Road, Canterbury Hills, $382,500.

KG Associates Ltd. to Ronald J. and Pamela K. Garrett, 0.284 acres at 3358 Turnbery Circle, Forest Lakes, $565,000.

Benjamin D. and Rosetta S. Dickerson to Jeanne C. and Russell L. Miller Jr., 1.145 acres at 2275 Seminole Lane, Carrsbrook Auto Mart $2,100,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Paul L. Puryear, 0.596 acres at 1418 Sunderland Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $811,012.


Hurt Investment Co. to E&L Holdings LLC, 0.524 acres at 325 Greenbrier Drive, $1,497,500.

Stephen D. and Kathryn A. Scarano to Lee and Helena Brady, 21.030 acres in Wood Crest subdivision, $312,000.

Wyatt E. and Patricia B. Owens to Thomas R. and Linda A. Robinson, 0.170 acres at 1310 Courtyard Drive, Redfields, $329,000.

David T. and Thena M. Bamford to Jean M. MacKay, 1610 Robin Lane, Hollymead, $288,000.

Phylicia Feeley to Christopher B. Hawkins and Melissa A. Dean, 0.108 acres at 5426 Hilltop Street, Crozet, $248,000.

Wendy Jo Roberman to Matthew R. and Sarah T. Nucci, 1.5 acres at 985 Dry Bridge Road, Quiet Acres, $288,000.

Linda D. Arden to Benedicte McWhinney, 1602 Garden Court, Garden Court Townhouses, $219,500.

Terrence E. and Barbara A. Funke to Michael G. and Beverley S. Wade, 7165 Free Union Road, $187,500.

J. David and Norlene M. Gowdy to Christy P. and Rod F. Phillips Jr., 5.414 acres at 3130 Turner Mountain Wood Road, $1,000,000.

Beights Development Corp. to Old Trail Homes LLC, lot in Old Trail, $230,000.

Bruce R. Barkley to James and Lily Hargrove, 1.633 acres at 516 Rookwood Place, Ednam Forest, $380,000.

Toni F. Walker to Linda D. Arden and Sesha Chakravarthy, 0.060 acres at 2113 Piney Knoll Lane, Springridge at Forest Lakes townhouses, $275,000.


Maria J. Gallery to Jerome F. Hammonds and Maria J. Gallery, 4.02 acres at 6013 Advance Mills Road, Ruckersville, gift.

Avemore LLC to Bailey House LP, 2.936 acres in Rivanna Magisterial District, $1,600,000. 

Clinton B. Lukhard to Eleanore F. Walker, trustee, condominium unit at Claremont at Carriage Hill, $235,000.


Marjorie C. Hill to Paulette J' Sen, 0.323 acres at 320 Starcrest Road, Mill Creek South, $392,000.

Tracy L. Mayo, trustee, to Stephen T. Morton, 6.278 acres on State Route 680, $302,500.

John P. Martin and Amy M. Mayo to Joseph L. and Sherry M. Hatter, 1264 Foxcrest Way, Foxcroft, $370,000.

Meadow Wood Inc. to M. Gabrielle Hall, condominium unit at Villas at Southern Ridge, $162,950.

Karen R. Lewis, trustee, to Bruce C. and Mary Nehrling, 8.0 acres at Fox Horn Farm, $270,000.

Weather Hill Development LLC to Barry Meade Homes LLC, eight lots at Wickham Pond, $1,084,000.

Scott E. and Jennifer L. Craver to Paul A. and Barbara R. Stitt, 0.225 acres at 4758 Clover Ridge Court, Highlands at Mechum's River, $299,000.

Susan L. Veach and Lisa K. Lutton to Daniel E. Phillips Jr., 2.021 acres at 4230 Redwood Lane, Walnut Hills, Earlysville, $725,000.

Sugaray LLC to Benjamin D. and Rosetta S. Dickerson, parcel, $2,362,489.

Henry T. Waller Sr. to Wendell W. Gibson Inc., 2.03 acres, $330,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Robert J. and Linda A. Steffl, 0.516 acres at 1314 Kilchattan Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $729,000.

Patrick J. and Sarah T. McGowan to Gregory M. and Joanne C. Stopka, 0.513 acres at 1052 Blackburn Bluff, Dunlora, $570,000.

Carol E. Frazer to Woodland Builders Inc., 2.359 acres on State Route 676, $232,000.

Woodland Builders Inc. to Robert E. Hofawger, parcel in Beaumont Farm subdivision, $205,000.

Weather Hill Development LLC to Church Hill Development Co., 14 parcels in Wickham Place, $1,120,000.

Katherine and Douglas H. Robertson Jr. to Jeremy Thomas and Mary G. Butterfield, two parcels on State Route 784, 3222 Doctor's Crossing, $250,000.

David W. and June A. Benoit to Barry V. and Maxine T. Lynch, 2.084 acres at 2343 Lonicera Way, North Pines, $410,000.

Big Deal


Benjamin D. and Rosetta S. Dickerson to Jeanne C. and Russell L. Miller Jr., 1.145 acres at 2275 Seminole Lane, Carrsbrook Auto Mart $2,100,000.