QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What should be built on the Water Street lots?


David Ferreira: "Maybe some visitors' centers, covering the different historical aspects, to keep people in town instead of having to truck all around."


Nicole Barrick: "I'd like to see more outdoor market space like the weekend City Market at least multiple times a week, and maybe public space for art and performance projects."


Samantha Kirch: "A public swimming pool, because when it's hot out at school [UVA], I would love to go swimming at an outdoor pool where I would be welcome."


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Since this hippy citizen (former Director, CPC and current aggreived Stockholder, CPC) has granted Wachovia access to our treasure trove, that prestigious company is best suited to answer the question.
Jim (Baby Bubba) Berry is no longer a player. His word is to be quashed upon arousal, which should be soon.
Cujo - heel!!! We're going to enjoy these tables, which have turned.