James L. and Barbara J. Trayers to Justin M. Kent, 2.620 acres at 4960 Summer Lane, Earlysville Meadows, Earlysville, $365,000.

Parkside at Charlottesville LLC to Frank J. Radics, condominium unit at Parkside at Eagle's Landing, $259,900.

Parkside at Charlottesville LLC to Thomas B. Millar, condominium unit at Parkside at Eagle's Landing, $259,900.

Parkside at Charlottesville LLC to Paul A. Barkley, condominium unit at Parkside at Eagle's Landing, $259,900.

Gail L. White to Michael T. and Marsha L. Taylor, 2.042 acres at 3192 Red Hill Depot Road, North Garden, $438,000.

Robert D. Shepherd to Norton L. and Kathryn H. Fishman, 2.110 acres at 3415 Foxwood Drive, Foxwood Forest, $760,000.

Patricia H. Purcell to Barry and Ellen Moss, 51 acres on State Route 810, $365,000.

Meadow Wood Inc. to Ronald J. Gilbert, trustee, condominium unit at Villas at Southern Ridge, $164,950.

Thomas and Eleanor Baldwin to Kinley E. and Mary Linn Roby, 0.481 acres at 3668 Perthshire Court, Glenmore, Keswick, $715,000.

Yong Ou and Son Kai Kou to Melina Gaelle Lodwick, 0.282 acres at 1801 Hearthglow Lane, Fieldbrook, $335,000.

Ronald J. Gilbert, trustee, to James F. and Elizabeth L. Mathews, condominium unit at Villas at Southern Ridge, 1354 Villa Way, $178,000.

Harvey A. Goldstein to Michelle D. and Ronald L. Morlen, 4.814 acres in Rivanna Magisterial District, $205,000.

Ruben and Patricia C. Guerra to Lindsay McCune, 0.261 acres at 3141 Saddlebrook Lane, Forest Lakes, $284,900.

William C. Jackson, trustee, to Michael S. and Laura B. Terry, 3.730 acres at 2470 Harmony Drive, Harmony subdivision, $722,500.

Patrick B. McDonough to Gary L. and Mary C. Lambert, 0.209 acres at 109 Running Fox Lane, Foxcroft, $350,000.

William L. and Karen L. Rockwell to Jan F. Dutton and Amy L. Wrentmore, 0.954 acres at 235 Turkey Ridge Road, Peacock Hill, $337,000.


Church Hill Development Co. to Skyline Home Builders LLC, lot 9 Still House Ridge subdivision, $205,000.

R.W. Mawyer Inc. to Marcus F. and Laura R. Nucci, 2.382 acres at 5205 Tanager Woods Drive, Tanager Woods, Earlysville, $655,000.

Canterbury Building Co. to David W. and Irene M. Mullins, 0.580 acres at 6495 Gordonsville Road, Keswick, $445,950.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to R.D. Wade Builder Inc., parcel in Glenmore, $160,000.

Richard E. and Virginia Lee Staron to Jarred W. Drown and Kelly L. Bernier, 0.051 acres at 1213 Clay Court, Wayland's Grant, Crozet, $267,000.

Barbara P. Towe, trustee, to Emily D. Oliver, 0.247 acres at 1300 River Chase Lane, River Chase of Dunlora, $410,000.

Gaffney Homes LLC to Home Paddocks Properties LLC, 0.192 acres at 7141 Hampstead Drive and 0.220 acres at 8166 West End Drive, Ballard Field, Old Trail , $1,090,000.

Octopus Property LLc to Catherine Ann Parfitt, unit in Riverbend condominiums, 320 Riverbend Drive, $220,919.

Elizabeth G. and Charles O. Meiburg to Charles W. Francolini, trustee, 0.181 acres at 3345 Kirkwood Court, Glenmore Cottages, Keswick, $545,000.

Albred C. Shackelford Jr. to Charles C. and Jacqueline D. Cottrell, 8.0 acres at 692 Campbell Road, Keswick, $284,900.

Mark D. and Brenda S. Miller to Paul O. and Julia M. Given, 1.556 acres at 432 Ednam Drive, Ednam Forest, $830,000.

Richard H. Dale to Elizabeth D. Dinwiddie, trustee, condominium in University Village, 500 Crestwood Drive, $370,000.

Waldemar J. Dowiak, trustee, to Richard A. and Dianne L. Hendricks, 21.027 acres in Blandemar Farm Estates, 


Joshua J. and Janelle L. Smith to Bradley Cooper Acker and Florence Jean Breslin, 923 Stonehenge Avenue, Stonehenge, $192,400.

Jill E. Norris Hance to Abdul R. and Salma Mohamad Rahim, 2322 Austin Drive, Briarwood, $240,000.

Richard T. and Katherine E. Heeter to Robert D. and Brenda L. Moon, 2.0 acres at 7047 Secretary's Sand Road, Oak Grove, Green Mountain, Schuyler, $80,000.

Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to Neal E. Magee and Diana C. Brawley, 0.280 acres at 602 Big Oak Road, Peacock Hill, $433,000.

Jeffrey M. and Sandra A. Thompson to Deborah S. Jackson, 0.268 acres at 5310 Little Fox Lane, Cory Farms, $369,900.

Donna R. and Deobrah Anne Frantzen to Janet Lee Hollis, 5.548 acres at 6649 Mountain Light Place, White Hall, $395,000.

5/ 2

Hauser Homes Inc. to Nicole M. Radziwill and Todd A. Debarba, 0.310 acres at 2000 Via Florence Road, Fontana, $500,000.

Helen B. Love to Catherine E. Gross and Eric M. Deane, 0.152 acres at 1700 Royal Oak Court, Mill Creek, $260,000.

Gordon T. and Gayle M. Hall to Louis P. and Catherine DeLaura, 21.0 acres at 1056 Ortman Road, Afton, $900,000.

David M. and Valina D. DiGiacomo to Susanna E. Hoffman, 5.0 acres on State Route 648, 4610 Longhorn Drive, Keswick, $1,185,000.

Mary Louse Slade to Shane T. and Marcie A. Prettyman, 0.202 acres at 1214 Clover Ridge Place, Highlands at Mechum's River, $235,000.

Noel Woodward to John P. and Mary K. Carrell, 0.187 acres at 389 Bayberry Way, Deerwood, $410,000.

Donald J. and Kimberly Skelly to Ronald W. and Patricia A. DeYoung, 1.4 acres at 915 Owensville Road, $371,700.

Meadow Wood Inc. to Julianne M. Jackson, condominium unit at Villas at Southern Ridge, 1274 Villa Lane Court,$160,000.

Parkside at Charlottesville LLC to Edgardo and Sherrie Soto, condominium unit at Parkside at Eagle's Landing, 192 Yellowstone Drive, $259,900.

Old Trail Carriage Park LLC to Hauser Homes Inc., parcel in Carriage Park subdivision, $1,350,000.

R.G. Purcell & Daughers Land and Development LLC to Land Visions LLC, preservation tract at Briery Creek, $525,000.

Vickie C. Mawyer to Michael Johnson, 5.74 acrs at 4890 Three Chopt Road, Troy, $325,000.


Andrea Angelos to Prudential Relocation Inc., 1114 Edmonds Court, Crozet, $260,000.

Prudential Relocation Inc. to Chelsea C. Cappone, 1114 Edmonds Court, Crozet, $263,500.

A. Ward Sims, ex., to Lane L. Bonner III, 1.513 acres in Spring Hill, $880,000.

Harry H. and Beth F. Faulkner to Charles C. and Beverly M. Ernst and Robert and Wanda Ernst, 0.330 acres at 1795 Easy Lane, Hollymead, $320,000.

University of Virginia Foundation to Benjamin and Antoinette R. Brewster, parcel on Carter's Mountain Road, $3,200,000.

Ann M. and Wallace M. Forloines, trustees, to Linda K. and Lehman E. Nelson Jr., 3.016 acres at 3384 Forloines Drive, Mountain Vista, $130,000.

NVR Inc. to John and Lori O'Connor, 0.530 acres at 5384 Park Road, Westhall, Crozet, $509,073.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Sue M. Buckley, 0.189 acres at 1328 Gate Post Lane, Highlands at Mechum's River, Crozet, $394,777.

Sugaray LLC to J&J Development LLC, condominium unit in Glenwood station, $382,500.

Richard Lee and Martha M. Hildebrand to Brent C. Archer and Karen Mooney, 0.085 acres at 107 Quince Lane, Willoughby, $191,000.

Todd Earl and Jennifer C. Abbott to Daniel Tak Chi and Adriayn K. Chan, 0.252 acres at 1563 Broad Crossing Road, Hollymead, $320,000.

Big Deal


University of Virginia Foundation to Benjamin and Antoinette R. Brewster, parcel on Carter's Mountain Road, $3,200,000.