Property transfers



Thomas C. Boeke to Margaret Murphy, 1221 Hazel Street, $475,000.

Southern Property LLC to Frank B. Cava, 217 Brookwood Drive, $385,000.

D.C. Services LLC and Woodard Properties LLC to Daniel Cwik, 922 Monticello Avenue, $130,000.


Huntley of Charlottesville LLC to Erin K. Monaghan, 213 Huntley Avenue, $489,900.

Weather Hill Builders LLC to James C. Wall, trustee, 400 Altamont Circle, $1,300,000.

David L. Ahearn Jr. to Arthur A. Heyward, 1315 East Market Street, $350,000.

Walker F. and Victoria Trainum to Chad M. Dunn, 1010 Altavista Avenue, $185,000.

Michael B. Alexander to George M. Coles III, 708 St. Clair Avenue, $280,000.

Church Hill Development Co. LLC to Marie T. and Byron L. Harris Jr., 0.214 acres at 844 Village Road, Johnson Village, $722,970.

Gerard Alexander to J. Ronald Heller, unit in Belmont Lofts condominiums, 202 Douglas Avenue, $304,000.

GHE LLC to Gray Television Group Inc., property on State Route 743, Hydraulic Road, $2,380,000.

Mary John Smith, trustee, to Woodard Properties LLC, the Venable Condominiums (now College Court condominiums), 312 13th Street NW, $2,400,000.


Cynthia A. Cardosi to Adam T. and Sara J. Devine, 957 Rives Street, $170,000.

Minglewood Homes LLC to David T. and Elizabeth S. Shoch, 601 Altavista Avenue, $306,000.


Anne J. Schulte to Charles J. and Sara T. O'Hara, 124 Stribling Avenue, $331,000.

Theresa A. Williams to Lucille O. and Adrian A. Anderson, 907 Paoli Street, $175,000.


Evelyn J. Wierenga to Julie M. Harlan, parcel in Parkside, $30,000.

Thomas C. Daniel to Scott A., Phyllis P. and Shana Crabtree, 2103 Morris Road, $525,000.

Kerry and Lauren M. McNamara to Brook R. Butchers and Peter J. Stern, 915 Sycamore Street, $245,000.

Benjamin Franklin Houchens Jr. and Shirley H. Clemmer Vernon to James N. Rounsevell and Carol A. O'Connor, 619 Monticello Road, $230,000.

Betty S. Easter to Rebeccca D.E. Chaitin, 107 Darien Terrance, $182,000.

David T. and Heather S. Okano to Reid A. Murphy, 407 Paton Street, Rock Creek Woods subdivision, $185,000.


R. L. Beyer Construction Co. to Dustin M. and Katherine C.V. Walters, 211 Huntley Avenue, $465,000.

James K. and Rhondell A. Walls to Carl A. Schwarz, 711 Anderson STreet, $198,500.

Innovative Business Interiors LLC to Barry N. and Elizabeth S. Easter, unit in Carlton Avenue condominiums, $386,000.

Jay and Rachel Phillips to Jason M. and Sarah A. Schultz-Robinson, 126 Waterbury Court, Waterbury Court subdivision, $189,900. 

Mary M. and Mashelle M. Piet to Douglas and Sarah I. Granger, 1607 Dublin Road, $309,000.

JPA Investors LLC to Philip Weber Jr., condominium unit at 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $132,900.


Nelly M. Wood to Bruce J. Baber, 636 Park Street, $785,000.

Peggy T. Wagoner to Walter and Victoria T. Trainum, 202 Azalea Drive, $250,000.

Karen L. Ryan to Alexis C. and William W. Cutchins Jr., 1622 Brandywine Drive, $367,700.

Melissa Zazakos to Paul A. Ries, condominium unit at 1243 Cedars Court, $124,000.

Southern Property LLC to David M. Jensen, 174 Old Fifth Circle, Willoughby Townes, $297,800.


Miles-Dixon LLC to Lauren Elizabeth Miles, 1040 St. Clair Avenue, $162,000.

David Toscano and Nancy Tramontin to MTT Future LLC, unit in Cabell Avenue condominiums, 602 Cabell Avenue, no price given. 

Thelma S. Hooper, trustee, to Gail White, 1624 Hardwood Avenue, $270,000.

James and Valerie Kincaid to Conrad S. and Carolyn S. Gosee, 2523 Woodland Avenue, $292,000.

Octopus Properties to Badie T. Clark III, unit in Walker Square condominiums, $171,900.


Janet Lee Hollis to Karen L. Ryan, 910 Locust Lane, $264,000.

Stephen Mendenhall to Tincy A. Philip and PhiliproseT. Nirayannoor, 111 Darien Terrace, $180,000.

NVR Inc. to Ruben and Kim Jones, parcel in Cherry Hill, $439,500.

Christine C. Hester to Jeffrey S. Jenkins and Hollins T. Mills, parcel on Belmont Avenue, $300,000.

James H. and Katherine M. Stuart to Jonathan Verity and Erin Malic, 1312 Poplar Street, $350,000.

JPA Investors to Alexander V. and Gregory S. Stronko, unit in 1600 Jefferson Park Avenue condominiums, $179,900.

Andrew G. King to 523 Caroline LLC, 1036 St. Clair Avenue, no price given.

John H. and Louise A. Hilker to Michael A. Forscly and Margaret R. Ancarrow, parcel in Johnson Village, $300,000.

UVA Foundation to Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia, 434 Brandon Avenue, $1,135,546.

Michael E. Hood and Maria E. Chao to VMG Home Builders Inc., parcel on Harris Road, $107,500.

Southern Property LLC to James D. Baliff, 203 Brookwood Drive, Brookwood, $333,900.

Starr Hill Cottages LLC to William H. and Elizabeth S. Wilson, condominium unit in 5th Street Flats, 215 5th Street SW, $270,000.

Nathan C. and Linsay M. Hubbard to Gordon J. Trousdale and Joanne D. LaMotte, 1872 Winston Road, $790,000.


NVR Inc. to Thomas P. and Anne Marie Barletta, 923 Ranier Road, Cherry Hill, $306,400.

Theodore J. Corcoran and Elizabeth A. Sargent to Patricia M. and Clark S. Nesbit, 935 Hemlock Lane, $250,000.


Robert A. O. Calvert to B. Mark and Barbara J. Fried, 512 North 1st Street NE, $1,300,000.

JPA Investors LLC to Victor Lai, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $244,400.

David H. Bruce, Mary P. Lowmax, Edna Pendleton, Ruth Williams, Theresa Stinnie, Hallie L. Douglas and Joan B. Walker to J. Maurice Dooms, 407 Oakmont Street, $185,000.


Southern Property LLC to Stephen A. and Martha F. Davis, Ranier Road, Brookwood subdivision, $410,000.

Christine Bomberger and William E., Douglas M., Bradley P., Rebecca L., Jennifer L. and Emily Brown to Eastview Partners LLC, 1022 St. Clair Avenue, $190,000.

JPA Investors to Jonathan D. Hokman, condominium unit at 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $101,900.

Gregory A. and Karen S. Sheaves to Robert F. Knight and Jessica L. Beard, 1210 Smith Street, $227,000.


James P. Cox III to Lee Dillon, 1714 Kenwood Lane, Greenbrier, $380,000.

Edward D. Campbell III, Sheller C. Bolton and Brenda C. Stevens, co-executors, to James D. and Paula J. Darradji, 120 Azalea Drive, $256,500.


Marcus L. and Ruth E. Hodge to Keith O. Woodard, unit in the Venable condominiums (now College Court condominiums), 312 13th Street NW, $140,000.

NVR Inc. to Richard and Rebecca DuFour, parcel on Ranier Road, Cherry Hill, Johnson Village, $$330,000.


NVR Inc. to Ryan White and Kelly Correa-Brady, 925 Ranier Road, Cherry Hill, Johnson Village, $316,300.

Harriet J. Payne, Robert B. and James L. Jones Jr., and Deborah J. Coleman to Mary Boyd, trustee, 225 7th Street NE, $143,000.

Big Deal


Robert A. O. Calvert to B. Mark and Barbara J. Fried, 512 North 1st Street NE, $1,300,000.


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