My Ride- Jessie Mathew: 1998 Grand Marquis


"Rehab is for Quitters."

It's a bold expression to be glued to the bumper of a cab dependent on the good will of customers. But locals are used to such grabbers– it's one of many witticisms the owner of the Yellow Cab company uses to enliven the drive time of people cruising through town or stuck in traffic. 

 Jessie Mathew, driver of the 1998 Grand Marquis Yellow Cab, would rather leave potentially offensive expressions behind him, especially those that would offend people with serious addictions. But even if he doesn't personally embrace his cab's slogan, his personal mantra– "take it or leave it"– helps him take it all in stride as he tools around Charlottesville. His favorite part of the job is the colorful people his cab attracts, drawn, perhaps, to his colorful slogans.