4BETTER OR WORSE- The week in review

Biggest change on the southern horizon: The Albemarle Board of Supervisors unanimously approves the 3,100-unit Biscuit Run development around 1am September 13.

Biggest burglar bust: Alleged housebreakin' cousins Shawnita Nicole Graves, 29, and Dean Elliott Graves, 26, are arrested and charged with three counts of breaking and entering and three counts of grand larceny, with Shawnita also netting one count of arson. Police find a large amount of stolen property at Shawnita's Montrose Avenue residence and in a vehicle located there and believe the cousins could be involved in 15 or more break-ins throughout Albemarle and in Orange and Fluvanna.

Worst shooting: Virginia State University student Curtis Alvin Johnson, 23, home for the weekend, is shot September 14 in the 800 block of Hardy Drive in the Westhaven public housing complex.

Most enticing: Former Western Albemarle teacher Richard Neal Willetts, 26, pleads guilty to sending sexually graphic emails to a 15-year-old and is looking at 10 years in federal prison.

Worst pedestrian accident: A mother and son are struck by an SUV September 13 on East Rio Road when a motorist waves them across one lane and the Honda Element driver in the next lane doesn't see them. Mary Adams was in serious condition and her son Colin had some head trauma and stitches, Kate Harmon reports in the Daily Progress. Carroll Eric Lamb, 35, driver of the Honda, is not charged.

Best breaking news photo: The DP's Kaylin Bowers captures a dramatic shot of a child's shoe in the foreground and an ambulance and rescue team in the background after the heartbreaking accident on East Rio.

Best photo of the local media in the Washington Post: A September 13 story on Mark Warner's Senate announcement features WINA's Rob Graham and the Progress' Bob Gibson among the reporters sticking their recorders in Warner's face.

Best way to catch the bus: UVA adds global positioning system technology to its University Transit Service fleet this fall so that riders can know in real time when their bus will arrive. The same system is being added to Charlottesville Transit buses. UTS riders will also have access to 20 touch screen BusFinders at the most popular sites, and CTS will add 25.

Best way to rile the citizenry: Threaten to take away their community swimming pools, which many Charlottesville residents fear will happen if the city agrees to build a 70,000-square-foot YMCA on land in McIntire Park.

Biggest mystery: UVA police Chief Michael Gibson sends out an alert at 4:35pm September 17 that a UVA student was robbed on Grounds September 16 and describes two male suspects. At 11:35pm, another alert from Gibson reports that the incident did not occur. Hmmm.

Longest celebration of life: On a page usually reserved for weddings and anniversaries in the September 16 Progress, a whole column is dedicated to Prince Charlie White, a plucky miniature poodle who overcame hardships such as epilepsy, topping 33 pounds, and being called "Pork Chop" to endear himself to those humans whose lives he touched.  

Luckiest: Brothers Tucker "TJ" and Bernard Adcock of Buckingham and Appomattox, respectively, buy a winning Mega Millions lottery ticket at Duck's Corner Food & Gas in Buckingham and will split $82.5 million. The Buckingham brother says he's willing to quit one of his three jobs, according to a September 13 AP story.