QUESTION OF THE WEEK- How could the Tech shootings have been prevented?


Joe Sherrill: "Unfortunately, I don't think it could have been prevented because most public institutions don't allow students to protect themselves with their own privately owned guns. But if you want to come onto campus, there's no security to stop you from doing so as an intruder."


Kathy Davis: "I'm not sure they could have been prevented. It seems like the most that could have happened would be more handgun regulation. You had a guy who was obviously very troubled, and you hope that it's a one in a million situation that just came together."


Jeremy Schildcrout: "I think there were so many failures that allowed that shooting to happen that there's no single thing anyone could have done. It would have taken a systematic overhaul of many things that are now in place in order to be able to catch something like that before the person acts."