LETTER- Moore's Creek closing a loss

I cannot understand why your magazine keeps celebrating the decision to stop composting at the Moore's Creek Wastewater Facility [Year in Review, December 21, "Freshest air forecast"]. This was a huge step backward for the environment.

Charlottesville and Albemarle County went from recycling their waste to sending it to a landfill. The solids from the facility, once composted at a temperature sufficient to kill off illness-causing organisms, were then sold. For decades, residents lined up to purchase this effective fertilizer. What was once unwanted waste was transformed into a sought-after commodity. 

Now, Rivanna no longer has this source of income; rather, they pay to have it transported and pay again to have it accepted into a landfill. Instead of providing nutrients for lawns, nurseries, and farms, these solids are now going to fill up landfill space. Not only is this a loss to the environment, it is an economic loss as well.

This is a win only for the people who recently moved into the Woolen Mills neighborhood. Now they no longer will be subjected to the composting smell, an odor I never found offensive, especially after I learned that it was the smell of sustaining our environment.

This is an example of Not in My Back Yard (NIMBY) at its worst. Charlottesville and Albemarle County no longer take care of their own waste within their boundaries. Solids from sewage waste are no longer recycled: they are sent to poorer counties in our state.

Usually the writers at the Hook are right on with their social conscience. On this one, I think the Hook lost its moral compass.

Mark D. Martin

The Rivanna Solid Waste Authority contends that their shipping the material to Richmond will not result in landfill fodder but in compost for Richmonders. –editor.