R. Clark and Vicki S. Wadlow to Marguerite C. Runion, 0.271 acres at 1761 Stoney Creek Road, Mill Creek, $227,000.

Keswick Corp. to DNB Enterprises Inc., parcel in Keswick Estates, $1,354,500.

Southern Home Builders of Virginia to Miriam R. Lundey, 1120 Edmond Court, Townhouses at Waylands Grant, Crozet, $267,000.

Mary Ann and James P. Robertson Jr. to Horelio Santiago Aguilar, 1646 Townwood Court, $195,000.

Kurt E. and Muna J. VanEngen to Carter Ancona, 2.11 acres at 300 Point Grove, Greenwood, $241,000.

Leonard and Frances Lenoci to Juan and Sydney Hernandez, 2372 Austin Drive, Briarwood, $188,000.

Audra M. and George Jackson III to Corey W. and Christina R. Krall, 0.284 acres at 2373 North Chesterfield Court, Chesterfield subdivision, $400,000.

Sarah C. Tremaine and Arthur J. Bulger to Arthur J. Bulger, 10.4 acres at 3025 Mechum Banks Drive, gift.

Eleanore B. Sturgill, trustee, to Brian P. and Tracy S. Sellers, 0.174 acres at 375 Westfield Road, Wynridge, $230,000.

Kenneth D. Ostrand and Linda I. Klein  to Anthony W. and Elizabeth B. Smith, 18.49 acres in Scottsville Magisterial District, $850,000.

Corey D. B. and Carthene R. Walker to Diane Y. Brunelle and Jason A.Yianilos,0.147 acres at 1253 Courtyard Drive, Redfields, $355,000.

Mark A. and Heather N. Costlow to Katherine M. Williams, 0.9252 acres at 6067 Free Union Road, Buck Mountain, $218,000.


James J. and Katherine A. Hartwell to Jason P. and Nicole J. Burke, 151 Scarborough Place, Sherwood Manor, $188,500

David E. Jones and Susan Schwarz Jones to Andrew M. and Lisa M. McDonald, 3.903 acres at 2143 Secretary's Road, Scottsville, $198,000.

Reginald F. Woods, trustee, to Bertrand A. and Elizabeth L. Page, 8.162 acres on State Route 231, 5512 Gordonsville Road, Keswick, $550,000.

Sycamore Creek LC to Andrew S. and Stephanie L. Morris, 21 acres at South Fork Farms subdivision, $550,000.

Parkside at Charlottesville LLC to Kenyon O. and Akweke O. Rogers and Jarrod Heavner, condominiums unit in Parkside at Eagle's Landing, 137 Yellowstone Drive, $199,820.

Parkside at Charlottesville LLC to Sean T. and Nancy K. Willson, condominium unit in Parkside at Eagle's Landing, 120 Yellowstone Drive, $255,440.

Parkside at Charlottesville LLC to Matthew S. Mills, condominium unit in Parkside at Eagle's Landing, 157 Yellowstone Drive, $96,000.

Edward M. Ryan Jr. to Vicki L. Gist, 4748 Blue Jay Way, Briarwood, $280,000.

Joseph L. Blotner to Richard A. Lindgren, 1.326 acres at 108 Bedford Place, Ednam Forest, $620,000,

Jesse A. Butler to Linda N. Holt, 141 Pat Dennis Road, Scottsville, $350,000.

Catherine E. Knight to Isam Salih and Viola A. Lita, 2517 Hydraulic Road, Solomon Court, $150,500.

Joanne M. Reina to Marvin E. Smalling, 0.108 acres at 2325 Ravenswood Court, Ravenswood, $309,000.

Sterling Trust Co. to Allen S. and Britton B. Miller, 2806 Huntington Road, Northfields, $424,995.

River Lawn Farm LLC to Virginia Outdoors Foundation, River Lawn, gift.


Melissa M. Russell to Michael J. and Maryrose T. Sylvester, 0.751 acres at 1215 Thistle Down, Glenmore, Keswick, $1,470,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Marian C. Pinkham, 0.178 acres at 1424 Gate Post Lane, Highland, $426,561.

Ginger R. Massey to Glen Bjerke and Maureen Reddan, 2408 Commonwealth Drive, Berkeley, $272,000.

Cheetah Property Owner LLC to Ronald G. Greene, four units in Barracks West condominiums, $464,600.

George L. Kasidiaris to Steven C. and Rebecca J. Haase, 314 Glade Lane, Townwood, $217,500.

Katherine L. Caramanis and Kerry P. Caraman, trustees, to Brian J. and Christine J. Lazorishak, 1236 Clifden Green, RiverRun, $325,000.

Gia DeAngelis to Robert E. Anderson, 0.254 acres at 1420 Willow Lake Drive, Willow Lake, $325,000.

Troy D. Jacobs and Wayne E. Smith to Crystal F. Beasley, 10 Woodlake Drive, Four Seasons Townhouses, $176,000.


Charles S. and Grace M. Smith to Vernoica M. Cooper, 1222 Chatham Ridge, Chatham Ridge, RiverRun, $190,000.

Brian C. and Connie A. Salzano to Natalie E. and Mabel M. Gay, 1039 Carrington Place, Rio Square, $249,000.

Christopher A. McDougall to Wanda F. Brown-Roszak, 1.021 acres at 855 Buckhorn Trail, Earlysville Forest, Earlysville, $385,000.

Samuel J. and Lori A. Bright to Barbara A. and David P. Grogan Jr., 0.384 acres at 4934 Lake Tree Lane, Western Ridge, Crozet, $574,000.

Charles F. and Sarah P. DuBose to Jay M. Courage, 1.557 acres at 3914 Ivy Road, Flordon, $725,200.

Jeffrey and Joanne Leffeld to Jeffrey G. and Michelle D. Sanders, 21.899 acres on State Route 601, 21.899 acres at 5896 Free Union Road, Free Union, $1,300,000.

Matthew T. Bloom-Krull to John R. Greene Jr., 1780 Sourwood Place, Hollymead, $342,000.

C. Wade and Aimee S. Marshall to Martin W. and Carrie B. Doyle, 1.641 acres at 1140 Earlysville Forest Drive, Earlysville Forest, $378,000.

William C. Shiflett to Jason K. Shifflett, 4.0 acres, $45,000.

Michael W. and Carol E. Henderson to Tiruwork Jemaneh, 4665 Briarwood Drive, Briarwood, $196,000.

Ian Myekel and Laura Justice to Steven W. and Mary E. Howard, 0.442 acres at 1105 Highlands Drive, Highlands at Mechum's River, $310,000.

Joshua and Elaine M. Attridge to Aimee Smith Marshall, 0.241 acres at 1750 Winterberry Court, Forest Lakes South, $373,500.

Sugaray LLC to E. Randall Ralston, trustee, two parcels, $640,320.

MGR Development Corp. to Anthony J. and Jacqueline D. Claudia, 0.204 acres at 6960 Welbourne Lane, Ballard Field, Old Trail, $155,000.

Cheetah Property Owner LLC to Faith J. Smith, condominium unit in Barracks West Condos, 2697 Barracks Road, $119,900.

Cheetah Property Owner LLC to Karl J. Ottmar, condominium unit in Barracks West Condos, 2895 Barracks Road, $111,453.

C. Simon and Kelly Davidson to Michael G. and Katherine E. Fox, 0.276 acres at 1148 Redfields Road, Lake of the Woods, Redfields, $425,000.

Robert P. and Susan H. Wilder to Daniel C. and Kathleen G. Bowman, 2.046 acres at 3170 Beaumont Farm Road, Beaumont Farm subdivision, $751,500.

Wayne W. and Nancy L. Snyder to Jingquan Cheng and Mingzhen Yang, 0.275 acres at 1172 Redfields Road, Lake of the Woods, Redfields, $344,500.

Hollymead Square LLC to Steven R. Rogers, 126 Tintern Court, Hollymead, $126,000.

Kenny Huant to Thanhkhoi D. Phan, 1078 towne Lane, Village Square, $223,000.

Carriage Hill I Condominiums LLC to Gordon W. Green Jr. unit in Claremont at Carriage Hill, 4253,640.

Big Deal


Melissa M. Russell to Michael J. and Maryrose T. Sylvester, 0.751 acres at 1215 Thistle Down, Glenmore, Keswick, $1,470,000.