Allen W. and Amy J. Leider to Amy J. Leider, 0.244 acres at 1061 Ramblewood Place, Raintree, gift.

Robert S. and Lucy S. Miller to Harry J. Taylor III and Ruula A. Ranta, 0.349 acres at 3046 Chimney Ridge, Chimney Springs, Forest Lakes South, $425,000.

Thomas R. Donohue to Jack L. Wuerker and Efthalia T. Triarhos, unit in Webland Park condominiums, $212,000.

Albmarle Housing Improvement Project to Sharon Reaves, 4.759 acres on State Route 627, 2830 Randolph's Ochard Lane, Esmont, $150,000.

Brendon Stiles and Diem Nguyen to Stephen J. and Annika T. McNamara, 1.012 acres at 305 Heron Lane, Peacock Hill, $500,000.

Cecile E. Cruce to Sarah K. Jones, 0.199 acres at 7 Waterwheel Court, Village Homes of Mill Creek, $221,000.

Douglas E. and Patricia B. Olson to Oliver C. and Daniel N. Kuttner, 2.950 acres on Rio Road East, $49,000.

Jeremy C. and Lindsey J. Theiss to Kenneth R. and Rachel M. Thomas, 102 Towler Place, Willoughby, $259,700.

Octopus Property LLC to Manuel Dominguez, unit in Riverbend Condominiums, 320 Riverbend Drive, $148,283.

TLFAHF LLC to Todd Needham, 0.9133 acres on U.S. Route 29, Gardens Business condominiums, $650,000.

Andrew B. and Elizabeth H. Carter to Elizabeth A. Wachtmeister, 16.330 acres at 46 James River Road, $880,000.

Landmark Enterprises LP to WB Investments LLC, 1.605 acres on State Route 1421, 1350 Stony Point Road, Pantops Business area, $575,000.


Evergreen Builders LLC to Kenneth R. and Ann-Marie Koppenhoefer, 2.084 acres at 2278 Taylor's Gap Road, South Fork Farms, North Garden, $499,000.

Kitty M. McPeak to Teddy E. McPeak, 2.0 acres in Countryside subdivision, gift.

Charles C. and Kerri C. Heilman to Christopher J. and Suzanne G. Mitchem, 1.736 acres at 960 Peacock Drive, Peacock Hill, $567,000.

Gail D. VanFossen, trustee, to Donald W. and Carol S. Muntz, unit in University Village condominiums, 500 Chrestwood Drive, $456,000.

Greenmont Farms R LLLP to Linda E. Wachtmeister, trustee, 257.87 acres in Scottsville Magisterial District, $2,300,000.

C. Randolph Thunfors to Harvey J. and Leslie L. Wilcox, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, 110 Turtle Creek Road, $175,500.

Anthony and Laura Sapino to Thomas and Stephanie Harris, 0.300 acres at 4817 Grassy Knoll, Highlands subdivision, $277,000.

Sugaray LLC to Brenavoir Properties LLC, two units on Glenwood Station Lane, $681,210.

Joan G. Loiello, trustee, to Mary R. Roberts, unit in Branchlands Village condominiums, 1325 Branchlands Drive, $249,900.

Bowen J. and Colleen J. Sosnicki to F. Bennett Williams, 0.293 acres at 220 Starcrest Road, Lake Reynovia, $346,000.

Patricia H. and Gleason D. Toms Jr. to James A. and Lesley A. Hartland, 2.021 acres at 4297 Chris Greene Lake Road, Lake Acres, $285,000.

William J. Gordon to Scott A. and Marcy B. Williams, 5.23 acres, $435,000.

William J. and Nancy H. Gordon to Summit Construction Company of Virginia, 4.13 acres at Gillums Ridge Road, $250,000.

1045 Amber Ridge LLC to Michael Vieira and Monica Miccio-Vieira, 0.160 acres at 1045 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechums River, $258,000.

David E. and Marian D. Fife to Waller T. and Julia Cates Dudley, 6.0 acres at 4400 Ivy Road, $1,400,000.

Peter P. Brooks and Rosa Ehrenreich to Walnut Meadow LLC, 20.052 acres at 4605 Free Union Road, $1,250,000.


Michael S. King to Bradley Allen and Nicole Lynn Purcell, 0.064 acres at 1070 SomerChase Court, Hollymead Townhouses, $274,900.

James W. and Patsy L. Shifflett to Estela and Juvencio Ramirez, 2219 Williamsburg Road, Berkeley subdivision, $239,000.

Paul T. Boulos to Jason E. and Jennifer M. McCartney, 0.276 acres at 1219 Foxchase Ridge, Foxcroft, $350,125.

Edwina C. Harris to County of Albemarle, 1.1702 acres in Crozet, $163,000.

Amy Collins Morris to Katherine E. Holloway, 1227 Chatham Ridge, RiverRun, $243,500.

Parkside at Charlottesville LLC to Sujwala Puttagunta, condominium unit at Parkside at Eagle's Landing, 4725 Denali Way, $146,260.

Virginia Anne Evans to Emilie W. and Robert P. Guyton Jr., 30.872 acres at 407 Broad Axe Road, $990,000.

Robert E. and Naomi G. Anderson to Robert L. Tinsley Jr., 0.150 acres at 3243 Timberwood Parkway, Timberwood of Forest Lakes, $299,000.

Edward and Helene B. Rosenstein to Zenon and Margret Brena, 0.583 acres at 3515 Devon Pines, Glenmore, Keswick, $675,000.

Paulina F. McCoy to Sean A. Enkiri, 66 Court Place, Georgetown Court, $240,000.

Gaffney MM LLC to Kenneth Derek and Elizabeth M. Kreitel, 1611 Old Trail Drive, Ballard Field, Old Trail, $369,950.

Noah W. and Kathleen M. Hoover to Peggy J.and Leslie M. Scally and Thomas H. Connaughton, 971 Warwick Court, Stonehenge, $197,900.

James L. and Suzanne C. Matthews III to Robin Hoffman, 2609 Huntington Road, Northfields, $350,000.

Michael W. Boyes to Charles L. and Sara L. Dudgeon, unit in Webland Park condominiums, 1807 Webland Terrace, $218,000.

Milton and Elizabeth Ploghoft to Louise D. Ruskin and Rodney E. Deane Jr., trustees, 0.491 acres at 3479 Devon Pines, Glenmore, $625,000.

Charles W. Hurt, trustee of Rocky Hollow Land Trust, to Gena E. Mills, 4.510 acres at 2240 Rocky Top Road, $275,000.

Betty L. and Frazier Fall, trustees, to Odessa H. and Doyle J. Thomas Jr., 1539 Lake Forest Drive, Four Seasons, $352,000.

Anne W. Coles to Greenmont Farms R LLLP, 26.63 acres in Viewmont West, $350,000.


Matilda Thompson to Paul and Rebecca Morris, 2.0 acres at 3971 Slam Gate Road, Crozet, $16,000.

Gaffney MM LLC to Malcolm E. and Anne G. Hughes, parcel at Ballard Field, Old Trail, $383,441.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to Ronald L. and Linda L. Swartzwelder, 2.324 acres at 3433 Foxwood Drive, Foxwood Forest, Barboursville, $718,000.

Skyline Home Builders LLC to Travis L. and Mandy L. Gatesman, 0.152 acres at 1384 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechum's River, $345,000.

Redlands LLC to Rose C. Sallie, 8120 West End Drive, Ballard Field, Old Trail, Crozet, $365,950.

Octopus Property LLC to Judith E. Marymor, 280 Riverbend Drive, Riverbend condominium, $230,670.

Weston Development Co. to Francis L. and Jane R. Buck, 3.643 acres at 1304 Elderberry Place, Walnut Hills, Earlysville, $765,000.

Mary S. Faulkner, trustee, to Muhammad I. Khan, 3.340 acres at 810 Chapel Hill Road, Chapel Hills, $340,000.

Christopher D. and Kara W. Williams to Timothy M. and Jean N. Schmitt, 0.267 acres at 2223 Ambrose Way, Dunlora, $628,000.

Sterling Trust Company to Jonathan D'Costa., 2611 Huntington Road, Northfields, $415,000.

Bernard and Jean A. D'Ascienzo to Palumbo Family LLC, 0.761 acres in Glenmore, $315,000.

Patrick T. and Kathleen M. Long to Palumbo Family LLC, 0.641 acres at 1900 Piper Way, Glenmore, $490,000.

Big Deal


David E. and Marian D. Fife to Waller T. and Julia Cates Dudley, 6.0 acres at 4400 Ivy Road, $1,400,000.