MY RIDE- Leitress Garland: 2002 American Heritage Chance Coach Trolley

Leitress Garland has been a relief driver for the Charlottesville Transit Service for a year. And while she says her favorite routes are 7 (Fashion Square Mall) and 4 (Cherry Avenue), the day we found her wheeling the Trolley up Market Street, she looked completely happy behind the wheel.

Garland admits, however, that she didn't consider the Trolley a great assignment in the beginning. 

"It used to be my least favorite route," she says, "because it's bulky, and it was hard to maneuver at first. It's hard to see people crossing in front, and you have to be so careful."

But familiarity has made her adept, and the big green machine has grown on her.

"It does have advantages," she laughs, "like not having to bother with money and transfers!"

Another plus: "I like meeting a lot of people and seeing what's going on around town."

From the smiles on the faces of Garland's riders, it seems that not having to bother with money or transfers suits them just fine, too– not to mention having a cheerful driver motoring them around town.

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