MY RIDE- Jim Pontuso- 2005 Toyota Camry

Jim Pontuso liked his new Toyota Camry so much that he bought three of them.

"It's the best ride for the least money, and the mileage is fantastic," says Pontuso, who reports that he drove all the way from his summer home on Cape Cod to the Sheetz in Gainesville on one tank of gas.

The great mileage may have met its match in comfort. "It rides beautifully," he says.

After Pontuso traded in his Toyota RAV-4 and began raving about his new ride, his wife, Annie, and mother, Marie, got on the Camry bandwagon and both are now also big fans, he says. 

The only downside? Limited visibility out the rear window.

"Annie's dinged hers three times backing up," says Pontuso. Good thing they're saving money on gas!

Jim Pontuso, with his mother Marie Pontuso


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