LETTER- Seymour's bloodlust

I've been following the opposing views here with regard to the Seymour trial [News, "Guilty verdict: Cat shooter gets jail time," August 24], and there seems to be one very telling fact lost on most of the interested parties involved in this debate. 

Long before Carmen, George Seymour shot and killed his own dog, as admitted by his wife— on the witness stand— during the trial. The dog's crime was that he allegedly knocked Kathy Seymour down. The dog's punishment was being led out back and shot and killed by George Seymour. Obviously, no animal species is this man's "best friend," regardless of circumstances.

The killing of Carmen had nothing to do with anyone's property. It is my belief that this despicable act was nothing more than mindless, heartless, bloodlust. Seymour wanted to carry out an act of evil...so he did.

John Dove